Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yarn, Yarn, and More Yarn

Well, I stopped in at Michael's on my way home from work this afternoon to buy some 3.5mm dp needles for when I start my attempt at knitting socks and while I was there I just HAD to pick up some more yarn (hey, that is one weakness I have...especially when they have a sale on!).

I picked up a skein of Patons Canadiana (worsted weight) in 'crazy shades' to make a scarf, Patons Divine in frosted green for another scarf, Chichi microfiber colour 9948 (no name for the colour), for a scarf, Patons Classic Wool in black for some mittens for my 2 1/2 year old nephew, and finally, 3 skeins of Bernat Satin (colours are silk, snow and sage) for a cable scarf pattern that I got from Ruth's Knits blog.

I'm not sure if the Bernat Satin will work ok for the scarf or not, but I will try and see how it turns out. The Patons Canadiana yarn is varigated in differnt colours and I plan, as I said to make a scarf. This will probably be to donate to my church's mitten tree next Christmas. I am hoping to get several things done for it over the course of the year, as I kept putting it off this past year figuring I had lots of time. I worked on other projects instead, and ended up ONLY putting a baby afghan under the mitten tree (we get lots of items, not just mittens). I don't want the same thing to happen next Christmas, so I am getting a head start now.

I am even closer to being done with the scarf that I have been working on, and was able to get some of it knit on my break at work and for the first 15 minutes after work started because we were late getting it in. So, rather than just sit like a lump at my desk, I pulled out my knitting and got several rows done. Sounds kind of silly I know, but I'm getting excited to finish this project for some reason. I must be knitting nerd or geek or whatever...but I don't care. I am happy to be one!


Mustang Girl said...

Yarn is my weakness too!! :) I was in a Jo-Ann "Superstore" today and it was all I could do to stop myself from buying more yarn, that I don't need right now. I used to have some really good links for yarn I will have look them up and post them! :)

Happy Knitting!

Shelley said...

Mustang girl, I've never bought yarn online. Is it expensive? Is the quality good? I'm one of these people who are still a little leery of putting my credit card number on the computer. I suppose the companies could still accept a cheque or money order sent to them eh? Also, another factor is the exchange rate, if it isn't very good then I could end up paying more for it.

I will still check out the links if you put them up though and see about the pricing/money order/cheque deal though :o)

Jayleigh said...

I like you all the more for being a yarn nerd. Michael's is THE BEST and I just cannot help but buy way way way way too much.

My new fave is tickertape. I cannot remember who makes it, but it's amazing.

:-) LOVE LOVE LOVE crafty blogs by my friends... I may have to start another!

Shelley said...

Jayleigh...I saw the ticker tape on sale the other day at Michael's when I went and debated on getting some...but I didn't. Course the sale they have on is for a few more days so maybe I'll stop in

If you start a crafty blog let me know and I'll visit it!!