Friday, March 30, 2007

Contest Alert!!!

Ok, well since I've never really held a contest yet here at Kitten Knits Yarn, I've decided to have a little one now...just 'cause. Before you get too excited, it's just a little prize right now. I made some stitch markers today with some beads I got not too long ago and thought I'd use those as a prize.

I think you can click on the image to make it larger. There are 5 turquoise stitch markers in the set with one of them designated as the one you could use at the beginning (it has larger glass beads on it than the others do, so that it matches but is just a little different.

I tried to take a close up of the "lead" marker but it didn't work out too well. I have the camera set for macro, but I can't seem to get it to work the way I want it to. Guess I'll have to go through the instruction manual again to make sure I'm using it correctly.

Anyway, I will run the contest all weekend and draw the winner on Monday morning. You'll have until Sunday midnight Pacific time...since that would make it 4 am my time, and I'll draw when I get up Monday.

All you need to do, is leave a comment and tell me what my cat's name is (easily found on my blog...just look for pictures of her and her name will more than likely be there). If you don't know what her name is and don't feel like looking it up (or don't care, lol), then tell me how you found out about the contest. Either way, your name will be entered for the draw.

Now, go tell everyone about it. I'd like to see a lot of entries ;o)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SP Strikes Again!

I didn't have time to post this yesterday because I was working on getting my history paper done for today. It's done, thank goodness.
So, as you know from my previous post, I received my first package from my awesome SP10 pal. Yesterday I received another one! Yes, that's right, my awesome SP10 pal sent me another little package:

I got another Canadian post card, this one from Nova Scotia. It's of the Bluenose II, which is a schooner. The Bluenose I was a famous wooden schooner that won some race I believe...we used to have these vignette moment commercials on from time to time (sponsored by Canada Post I think) of different moments in Canadian history (like how we got the Canadian flag, Maurice "Rocket" Richard who was a great hocky player for the Montreal Canadians (I think), how we got the name of the country...things like that). Anyway, one of these little commercials was on the Bluenose and it was shown winning a race from Nova Scotia to somewhere in New England I think...hmm, for taking Maritime History this semester I sure don't know much about this, eh? That's probably because we haven't discussed it.
The other item is a little booklet of six knitting patterns. She (now I'm assuming my SP10 pal is a she because the writing definately looks like a woman would have written, and besides, I don't know if there are any men taking part in this exchange) included a little note saying she loves to collect patterns. I do too...especially socks, scarves, kids or baby items probably because that is what I tend to knit the most of.

I decided to snap the pic in my parents front garden where the crocuses are starting to come out. It wasn't very bright out today so they aren't open much. Anyway, thanks so much secret pal! Another great gift!

Now, the other item(s) I received in the mail today was two skeins of sock yarn that I had ordered a few weeks ago from Mary Maxim. They are the two in the back. The one in the front is of sock yarn I bought when I went to sign up, and put down a deposit to hold my spot, for a 2 hour drop spindle course at an LYS last weekend. The course is April 15 from 2-5pm (it's a Sunday afternoon, so I'll have to hurry home from church and eat so I can get ready. I convinced an old friend from high school to come with me, and she's going to pick me up since I don't have a car). I'm looking forward to that class, and it includes hands on instruction, an instruction book or sorts I think, some batt/roving (whatever it's called), and the spindle. I'll post on that after I take the class and let you know how it all goes. (Look...a bird! Ok, only Kristina will understand what I mean by that)...anyway, major bunny trail there!

Anyway, back to the sock yarn. The two I ordered from Mary Maxim are: On line's Supersocke 100 in the 'tropic' colourway (75% superwash wool, 25% polyamid) and Austermann Step with aloe vera and jojoba oil, in the...umm...ok I don't see a colour name or number, but I think it was just called 'multicolour' or something like that in the catalogue. It has more browns in it than I thought - the pic in the catalogue looked more like it was reddish rather than brown but it has grey and blue in it as well. I'll post better pics of the colours when I get socks made from them.

The skein in the front that I briefly mentioned before I went on the bunny trail, is Trekking XXL, and is colour 283, and has reddish tones being dominant. Again, I'll post better pics when I make socks from it.

This will be the first time using any of these sock yarns, so I'm hoping they all turn out great. I've read of others using these sock yarns and felt jealous, so when I saw some of them...well, I did what any good stashaholic would do. I bought them. And who knows, if I don't like the colours when they are knit up, I just might end up giving the socks as gifts. I will admit though, with all three of them that I stepped out of my "comfort zone" and bought colours I probably normally wouldn't have bought, so yeah for me!

Whew, this turned into a much longer post than I had thought it would, but then I'm not known for being short, sweet, and to the point (right Kristina?). Nope, I'm a detail girl and I can talk your head off! So, I'll stop now before this post ends up being novel length. Happy knitting!

Friday, March 23, 2007


What a great way to start the weekend! This morning when I got up (which was around 10am because I don't have any classes today, and can sleep in), the mailman/woman had already been to the house. I had mail! I love getting mail (as long as it isn't a bill or junk mail)!

The first thing I read was the post card from Toronto, from my SP10 pal! So, I am thinking one of two things: either she lives in or around Toronto, or she has visited there. The package was mailed in Canada (could tell because of the Canadian stamps), so I am going to assume she is a fellow Canadian!
Ok, so after reading the post card (which is awesome), I opened the package. Inside was a pattern from the Lion Brand site's weekly stitches. It is a drop stitch pattern, which looks cool.

Next, in a little sheer pouch (I'm not sure what you'd call the fabric, but I love that little pouch...I wonder where one finds cute little pouches like that!) was a set of 7 stitch markers, each with a letter from my name! How cool is that?! I would never have thought of making stitch markers with someone's name. What a cool idea!

My SP 10 pal seems to be awesome (and I'm sure she is, and doesn't just 'seem' to be that way). I've had a few emails from her that brightened my day, and now this surprise package - what a great way to end the week. I've got a 3000 word term paper to do for Tuesday, but how can I concentrate on that when I have cute new stitch markers waiting to be used, and a cool pattern to try! I'll have to do some knitting when I take breaks from working on the paper this weekend so I can use them. Thanks so much SP10 Pal!! You rock!

Now, not only did I get an awesome package from my SP10 pal, but a couple of weeks ago, Chrissy over at
Knittin' Mom had a little contest. She and her family had gone to Japan (way cool!) because her husband was running in a marathon there. While in Japan, she visited some yarn stores (which is what any good knitter would do) and brought back some Japanese yarn.

Anyway, her contest was to just leave a comment saying that you wanted to be put in the draw for a skein of any of the yarn she brought back, and a needle case with three needles (the ones used when you sew up the toes of socks...darning needles or embroidery needles...someone please put me out of my misery and let me know what they're mind is going blank right about now).

So, to make a long story short (if you call this short), she drew my name! I was surprised because I never would have thought I'd get picked because this is the Sock A Month KAL lady, and I think she gets TONS of people visiting her blog (even when it's not home to the KAL).

The yarn is Alpaca, which is what we assume since that is on the tag. I have no idea what the rest says because it's all in Japanese (which one would expect since that is where it is from). I've got a closeup of the yarn so you can see it. It's pretty close to the true colours (at least on my computer), though it might be a smidgen lighter in the picture. The first pic above is probably closest. It's 40g adn 112m, and I'm thinking it might make a nice scarf in the One Skein Wonders book I got not long ago. There is a pattern I had my eye on in there, and this might be the yarn for it.

The yarn content is 80% something (assuming alpaca) and 20% of something else. Ok, I just did a search typing in Alpaca Rimisto (which is on the yarn label, maybe the brand name or something - it's from Puppy Yarns), and this site (or blog) has a sweater done up in this yarn. They give the contents of the yarn as being 80% alpaca and 20% wool, and they used a Japanese size 6 needle, which is recommended on the label, which they have converted as being a 3.9mm needle. I don't know if 3.9mm even exists, but I would think you would just round up to 4.0mm.

The yarn is sooooo soft, and I can't wait to see how it looks all knit up. Of course when I do get it knit up, I'll post a pic of it! Thanks for your contest and in offering your new yarn and the needles as a prize Chrissy!

I'm planning on possibly getting out this afternoon to look for something for my SP10 person to spoil, as well as some yarn to use for my International Scarf Exchange pal's scarf. I've contacted her and she sounds excited to be a part of this (as am I). I just hope that she'll like whatever I make for her - that's the scary part, making a scarf and your pal not liking it. I've yet to hear from whoever has my name, but I'm sure he/she has a reason. If I don't hear from him/her by next week, I'll contact the organizers to see if there is any problem.

Well, must be off to get started on my paper so that I can get closer to completing it, and get a break to use my awesome new stitch markers and yarn! Happy knitting!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Behind Door Number Three

Well, in all honesty, I haven't been doing very much knitting. If I have, it's only been a few rows on a scarf that I have on the backburner to work on now and then (I'm using the last ball of the yarn I had dyed with Kool Aid last year). Well, I realized that we are halfway into March already and I haven't started any socks for the various KALs yet.
So, I decided that I would start on a pair of children's socks (let's face it, I'm slow at knitting socks for myself) that will get done before the end of the month. Which pattern have I decided to go with, you ask? Why, the Chevron Pattern for Self-Striping Yarn from the Sensational Knitted Socks book (page 70), by Charlene Schurch. I've had the book for a little while now, and decided it was high time I put it to use.

You see, these socks are going to be used for Socktopia (I've missed January and February because I was too slow getting those socks done) for one of the categories for March. I think the yarn I've chosen (Knit Picks Simple Stripes - don't remember the colourway, and the ballband doesn't say) and the pattern will fit for the category I'm thinking about. When I get them done and submitted, I'll let you know which category and my explanation then ;o).
Here's a closeup of what I've got done so far - about two inches into the leg. See the stitch marker? That's one of the chili pepper stitch markers I won from Ingrid.

My fellow Canadians will no doubt recognize the cup that is being used to support the sock. It's a 'Roll Up the Rim To Win' from the ever popular Tim Horton's (I got a medium double double with milk). And, before you I did not win anything. Not even a coffee. I think so far I've only won two coffees since the contest began a few weeks ago.

Anyway, this Chevron pattern I'm using is very easy. I wasn't quite sure how to do the K1, YO, K1 in the same stitch at first, but then I went with what I thought was the correct way, and it seems to have turned out fine. What I did was knit into the stitch, did not remove it from the left needle, did a yarn over, then knit into the back of the stitch (as if I were doing an increase into the same stitch)...I hope the way I explained it makes sense. But, I did end up with the right amount of stitches, and when I stretch the leg somewhat, the pattern shows correctly - at least to me it does. I'll post more pics when I finish them (which will hopefully be in the next couple of days).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Unveiling

Ok, here it is...the moment you've all been waiting for, the unveiling of this:
The finished Noro Scarf! I went to check on it this morning, to see if it was dry and it felt like it was. Perfect time for a photo shoot. Since it was nice, bright, and sunny this morning (+10C at 10:30am), I decided to take it outside and try to capture its true colours.

I'm still not sold on the rusts and brownish shades...though to be honest, the orange is growing on me somewhat. I'm mostly drawn to the blues/pinks/purples/green (jewel toned one). All in all I am satisfied with the scarf.
To the right is a closeup of some of the stitches. When I blocked it and stretched it some, the stitches seemed to "soften" up somewhat and didn't feel as thick and bulky as before. I think if I had used bigger needles (like maybe 5mm), the result would have been a little less thick and bulky prior to the blocking. Overall, I will say that I am satisfied with this scarf. I haven't checked it against my coat to see if it goes well with it; if it does, then I'm keeping this scarf for myself. If it doesn't go with my coat, then it will go in the "25 Things For Charity" tub that I have.So, if you are looking for a nice, easy scarf pattern that works up quickly (at least it does when you work on it), I recommend this one. You can find the pattern here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Group Joined

Well, as you all know, I am a joiner. Just the other day, I joined the 25 Things for Charity group blog. If you are interested in joining, this is an ongoing project and the idea is to knit 25 items for charity by the end of the year. You can knit any item for any charity you choose.

So far I have done up the latest pair of children's socks (see two posts down) to go for the Mitten Tree at church (items on this are donated to a couple of different organizations). I also have the two pair of baby socks and the Branching Out scarf that I finished after last year's Mitten Tree, but before the new year began (I can't count those in the 25 items). I also have those mittens I knit in January to add to this.

If you are interested in joining, just click on the above link to go to their blog and get the email address to join.

Secret Pal 10 starts, officially, on Thursday! I'm excited - I've not taken part in a secret pal exchange before and I'm a little anxious to find out who my pal will be. We should find out tonight who we will have as a pal. Just to let whomever gets my name (and the hostesses) know, I have a link on my sidebar to my questionnaire under the appropriate title of, Secret Pal original is that title?! LOL!

Still no picture of my Noro scarf - should be within a few days though. One thing I can tell you, it is mighty colourful!

Guess who's been feeling a little sad about not having her picture shown on the blog in awhile...yup, little miss Tinker Belle. Here she is lying on her back on the stairs; she had been sleeping like that until I cam along to take the pic. Not a very dignifying pose is it? And pay no attention to the old ugly brown carpet...we really need to update that.

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Book

I went shopping with an old friend from high school on Friday; hadn't seen or talked to her since probably last fall. Anyway, look what I got at the bookstore:

I've only had a real chance to glance through it somewhat, but have decided on a couple of patterns to make so far. I haven't started anything yet though. I like the way the book is set up, though I am used to the coloured pictures being beside (or a page before) the pattern. In this book, all of the coloured pics are in the middle of the book. On each page with the patterns, there is a picture of the item, though it looks to be drawn (it gives the page number where you can find the colour pic though). Interesting.

In other news, I finally finished the Noro scarf I have been slowly working on. I didn't use up all of the second skein because I didn't think I'd have enough to complete one more triangle. I know I'd have enough to get at least half way across, but that wouldn't be good. So, I decided to stop where I was and add some fringe to the ends. Originally I wasn't going to use fringe, but I didn't want to waste the rest of the Noro (I didn't use quite all of it though). Right now it is blocking, and hopefully that will add a bit of length and width to it. The last scarf I blocked didn't really get stretched, and I wonder if I'm not doing something right. Well, I'll see with this one, and if it isn't stretched enough to my liking, I suppose it can always be blocked again, right? I'll post a photo of it when it's dry.

My classes start back up again tomorrow (after March break), so I am going to head off now and do some reading for my history term paper that is due in a few weeks, and maybe get a couple of paragrphs of the paper written. I've also got to practice the flute for my lesson tonight, and hopefully I'll get a little chance to knit some more today.

Happy knitting!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Kid's Socks - An FO!

Want to make a card like the one above? Go here.

Well, I got a pair of socks completed - not the Falling In Love ones, though (I'll be tackling those babies this week though, getting the cuff on the first one repaired, and then start the second sock). No, the one I got finished are the kids ones I mentioned previously.

I seriously need to get me some sock blockers. The make the socks much better looking for pictures - and I'm sure they help in blocking too, lol.

I took the picture outside a little while ago. It was nice and sunny for a short while. It's been lightly snowing off and on this morning - nothing major, just some flurries. I went out back to the patio and used the lattice around the top of the patio as a backdrop. I'm not sure if the dusting of snow is showing or not, but that doesn't really matter. The socks are just propped up, that's why they don't look all that great in the photo...yup, gonna have to look around and find me some sock blockers...I wonder if they come in kids sizes as well?

Anyway, I made the socks with Patons Kroy in the "Winter Eclipse" colourway. I also used 3.0 mm needles, the size called for in the pattern. I followed the generic pattern I always use for kids socks - from the band off a skein of Bernat Hot Sox. I really like this colourway, and it's a good thing too, because I have 2 more skeins of it to make myself a pair of socks in the future!

Yesterday I did a little more work on the Noro scarf, and have begun the second ball. The only thing I don't really like, is with the joining of the second ball, the colour change is abrupt instead of gradual like throughout a skein. I don't really mind it too much though, because that part will probably be the part that goes around the back of the neck anyway.

I'm debating what to start next - should I finish up the Falling In Love Socks or should I start a new sock pattern (the Monkey pattern from Knitty is calling to me). I know that really I should FINISH what I have started already, but hey, I'm like a LOT of other knitters out there...need to start a new project just because, even when there are several that should be finished Ok, ok, I'll work finishing up some of the WIPs I have...maybe...I won't promise anything.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Ok, well I haven't been able to get much knitting accomplished in the last few weeks, owing to a rather heavy schedule for school. I had a midterm in history, a book review to finish (reading the book and writing the review), a presentation on the book review (all for history), as well as a two page essay for my Post Exilic Writings class. But that is all done now, and I am on March break! Woo Hoo!! I will have to work on my term paper for history though, but I'm not spending all my time on it. No, the majority of my time will be used to read for fun and knit.

So, without further ado, here is my progress on the Noro scarf I've been working at (allbeit slowly because of school):

The picture isn't the best - in fact, looking at it now it looks a little blurry...sorry about that! The colours are pretty close to the picture; they might be a little brighter though. When I used the flash for the picture, they were way too bright and not accurate at all; so, I settled for this one. See that little clump of pink up in the upper right portion of the picture? That is what remains of my first skein of Noro. I'll be starting the second one shortly.

When I can knit on this, it works up fairly quickly, and the pattern isn't hard to do at all. I like the way the pattern is with this yarn - funky looking in my opinion. I'm still not overly fond of the oranges, browns, rusts that are in it, but they are sort of growing on me - not enough that I want something done totally in those colours though. Besides, I don't think they're "me".

Not long ago Ingrid at Saltwater Purls had a little contest on her blog. Guess who won? Yup, it was me. She made the cutest little chili pepper stitch markers! Ok...this picture doesn't look as bright as I had hoped either. Hmm...I seem to have a little theme going with my pictures here.

Anyway, there are four of the stitch markers and I just love them! You can see a close up of the one I am holding with the others in the background. Thanks so much Ingrid!!

On the sock front...I haven't worked at the Falling In Love sock yet to fix the problem. I think I will either try the larger needle binding off, or the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewing one that was also suggested. Haven't figured out which one yet. When I get that little problem fixed, then I will start in on the second sock and remember to finish it off the same way ;o). I also have a pair of kids socks that I had put on the back burner that are almost finished. I've started into the leg portion of the second sock, so that shouldn't take too long to finish either. Hopefully in the next day or so I'll have a picture of them to show you.

Well, I'm going to head off to practice my flute and then get back to the knitting! Hope your day is knitacular!

ETA - Thanks to all who offered suggestions and left the link for help on solving my cast off problem on the Falling In Love socks!!