Friday, March 31, 2006

One Of My WIP's

Well, I decided to show a work in progress. I don't normally seem to do this because I like to show the finished product. I suppose, though, that it is a good idea to post progress pics because then you, or me, or anyone who wants to see, can watch the item unfold so to speak. I guess it's like with kids...a parent doesn't wait until the child is all grown up before showing his/her picture to others and say, "See, this is my kid. He/She is all complete and grown up now." No, a parent shows baby pics, toddler pics, older kid pics, teen pics...all kinds of pics of their "work in progress".

Anyway, for your view pleasure (or displeasure), I present to you the back of the Let's Party Cardi from the January Issue of Creative Knitting: The red part of it didn't turn out well in the pic for some reason. In some lights, the red looks closer to a pinkish colour...not quite fuchsia (ok I had to look up how to spell fuchsia and I had no idea that's how you spell the looks weird, lol), yet in other lights it looks red. When I bought the yarn, in the store is looked closer to a bright pink, yet at time, as I say, it looks red. They had a dark red and dark blue, but I wanted the brighter ones. Anyway, I don't know if it goes well enough together, but I think it will least I hope it does. I don't want the recipient, whoever she may be, to look like a freak!

Here is a closeup of the work. Again, the red section didn't seem to focus in very well...that part is worked knit on the right side, and then a knit two, purl four repeat one the wrong side. I know, the rotten picture taking doesn't show that. The blue is a simple garter stitch (knit both sides)...hmm, and I just realized that the picture to the left is the inside of the garment, and not the outside...can tell where the blue joins in. Sheesh, gonna have to work on my photography skills too!

Tinker Belle has gotten quite used to having her picture posted on my blog for the world to see. I am afraid it might be going to her head! What is a kitty mama supposed to do? Well, I opt for showing her picture of course...especially since she threatened my yarn. She grabbed the ball of red...or grabbed a strand and pulled it along and was about to wreck havoc unless I snapped her picture. Unfortunately, in the picture she looks somewhat innocent as if to say "Gee, how did that get there?"
However, I know differently! Especially since after the picture was taken she grabbed the strand in front of her and ran off into the dining room leaving the skein in place where it was and a trail of yarny evidence that lead to her going under the dining room table...silly kitty!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How Cute Is This?

Well, thanks to Karen at Yearns For Yarn, who provided me with the link for cute baby socks, I have completed my first pair of them!

Aren't they cute? I used some left over Bernat Sox yarn that I had from my first pair of socks I made last January (the pink and purple strip ones). I didn't follow the pattern exactly, and sort of combined two patterns plus my own ways (well actually the way that I've been using for the other socks I've made). I used this pattern and this pattern for a guide. The second link I used mostly the numbers (such as casting on 28 to make the small size and to decrease the instep and length of foot). The first pattern I used to help me know how far down to knit before starting the heel, the guide for turning the heel and the length of the foot...might have been something else too but can't remember off hand. For my own contribution I only did 4 rows of ribbing at the top (I think next time I'll make it 8 just so it looks a little better), I did the heel the way I've been doing those all along, and the kitchener stitch on the toes for practice. I also decided to make the leg simple stocking stitch for this pair, just because I couldn't really understand the pattern at the time. I will try that pattern at some point though...I just wanted to get these made before the end of March so I didn't really try to do the pattern.

Anyway, thanks for those links Karen, and providing some inspiration for making these with the ones that you've made!

I figure that these should count for a brownie point with the Sock A Month KAL (the have turned heels!), and with Project Spectrum since they are pink! And, I can increase my count for the Count Your Socks as well since they are socks and I just finished a pair! Don't you just LOVE when doing one project counts for so many things?

And, because Tinker Belle wasn't aware I was taking the pic of the socks, she didn't get into this one...however, just so she doesn't fee left out, here is the latest pic of her!

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No Pictures This Time...

I am still trudging along with the feather & fan socks...ok well I am when I get a chance to. I have been busy with school work so I haven't really been focusing on them. They are going great though, and I am just at the point where I will be turning the heel.

Also, when I go to one of my classes (a nearly 3 hour one on Monday evenings) I tend to bring a small project along so that I can knit some before class (I am there about 15 mins early) and during the 15 minute break that we get. With this, I had been working on a simple garter stitch scarf, but last week I was working on the second of the socks from the pictures in the previous post. Since I find it distracting there with quite a few students (nearly 50) I didn't want to take the feather and fan because I didn't want to mess up. So, I started a new pair of children's socks in the same simple easy pattern I've been using all along. I am only on the cuff of it so far, and didn't get much accomplished on it last night.

And, it just wouldn't be me if I didn't have something else on the needles to go along with the socks! So, I have started a children's cardigan sweater from the January issue of Creative Knitting. It's the Let's Party Cardi on page 72. I went to the site but they are only showing the current issue and I couldn't find anywhere to link to any previous issues.

Anyway, I don't have a lot done, but so far it's an easy pattern. When I made my practice swatch, I tried different size needles to get the right gauge. I used the size that the yarn called for and it did match up. However, now that I've got enough of it started that I refuse to frog it and start over (I'm a little stubborn that way) I measured again and I am about 1/2 an inch shorter! Sheesh!!!! I am wondering if I made the front a quarter inch bigger on each side if that would make up for it...but I think that would throw that part off. My only other thought was to add a quarter inch garter stitch up each side. I thought that might not make much difference because that would be the area that would get sewn up and be the seam right? If I keep it the way it is going, and keep the front and the sleeves the same (assuming all will be half an inch shorter like the back is) it won't have the right fit will it? It is supposed to be a size 4 (it's a children's sweater), so would it then maybe fit a size 3? Or will it just be a waste? Keep in mind, I don't want to my best option to add the quarter inch to each side (by picking up the and knitting like I would if I were adding a border with the stitches going the different way - which is fine because there is a border where you do this on the front using a different colour...if you have the magazine you can see what I mean, providing I am explaining this right).

Anyway, this is what I've been up to when I haven't been doing papers and stuff for school. I'm glad there is only just a bit more than a month left of school, then I don't have to worry about getting papers done and studying, etc.

Oh, and also, I got a bit of good news this week. Last month I applied for the Bachelor of Education degree, and I have been granted an interview for it! I am that much closer to getting accepted. Just because you apply, does not mean that you are granted the opportunity for an interview. So, I have my interview on April 24. I am excited, but of course nervous as well. But, I don't have to worry about that for a little while, so I won't. I'll just do what I can to prepare for it by talking to some of the education students I know and see what I should expect and what kind of questions they are likely to ask.

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finished Socks

I finally finished the pair of children's socks that I have been working on. It's gone slower than normal because I've been working on papers for school. I like the way these ones turned out, the colours are so cute for kids I think. Tinker Belle decided the picture wouldn't be complete unless she made her appearance again!

Pattern: simple basic one taken off the Bernat Hot Sox wrapper previously used in the other two children's socks I made for my nephew.
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks (75% washable wool, 25% nylon)
Colour: Crayon Jacquard
Needles: 3.25 mm aluminum dpn's

Here is a close up of them as well: They definately look like little boys socks! I am thinking that if I use this yarn in a pair of adult size socks the stripes will probably not be as thick.

I just noticed that they aren't quick matching up...they're a little fraternal. I guess on the second one I started with a little more blue than I had on the first one...oh well, they're close!

I haven't completed my red feathers and fan socks yet, but I'm still plugging away at them. I'm about to start the heel of the first one. So far I am liking the way they look! I am enjoying the pattern Sharon! I think they are taking me longer because I'm not used to the smaller size needle...that and they are adult size and not children's size like I'm used to LOL! I do like the pattern though, and like you said, its a simple repeat all the way through. I can't wait to see them completed! I hope to get them done before the end of March so that they will qualify for Project Spectrum.

I must head out now and get ready for school. I'm going in early to get some work done on my paper that is due on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to this one because I'm just not used to the psychology type classes and how these papers are done (they are different to the Chicago-Turabian form that I'm used to). But, at least I have my best friend Kristina helping me!

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Quick Question Regarding Yarn...

Ok, I have planned on making a children's sweater, size 4, and went and bought some cute fun looking yarn that I think will look great. My dilema is that the yarn is rated a "3" and the yarn they required for the sweater (which I honestly didn't think to check before buying the yarn) was a "4", or worsted weight size.

So, my question has to do with switching the pattern so that I can use the smaller size yarn and still get the correct size of the finished sweater. I don't want to double the yarn and I'm not good at math.

I am hoping some of the more experienced knitters out in blogland can help me. I'm not sure what to do. The required size needles to get the gauge was 5mm, and I tried 5, 5.5, and 6 and still did not get the required size. I am thinking the higher up I go in needles the more loose the knitting will be with this yarn and I don't want that. The gauge the size "4" yarn is supposed to get is 18 stitches equal to 4 inches. For me on 5.0 mm, 18 inches only gave me 2 inches.

So, would I simply double all numbers then - that is instead of casting on whatever they said to, would I double that? What about for length (you know where is says knit until it measures however many inches)?

Can someone lend a hand and guide me through this? Can it even be done?


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quick Update (edited with pics)

I've edited this post to add pics of the scarf...

Just wanted to give a quick update on my knitting. I've been working on a couple of items for Project Spectrum - a pair of socks in the feathers and fan pattern I mentioned a couple of posts ago, as well as a scarf in a simple slip stitch pattern. For the scarf, I am using the yarn I dyed with the tropical punch Kool-Aid and in my opinion it is looking pretty good. It's a simple pattern so it is fast going!

I am also on the second sock of a children's pair that I will probably donate - unless my nephew sees them and wants them! I gave him his green pair the other day, unfortunately he was side tracked with a couple of new toys and didn't have any interest in them. As far as I know his parents haven't tried them on him yet...oh well at least he has them.

I'm hoping to get the children's sock done this week and I'll post a pic when I can. The feather and fan ones are going slow because I'm using smaller needles so there's more work to it. I'm trudging along though and finding the pattern great so far!

I'm on March Break and although it is technically a "break", it's not one of those all fun and games kind. I have three papers due the week I go back, one on Monday, one on Wednesday, and one on Thursday. So, I need to spend a lot of time on those but I know I'll definately be taking knitting breaks! It should be noted however, that I have been taking time to knit...a little too much I think LOL.

Anyway, here is a pic of my finished Tropical Punch Scarf to the right. I put it on a white background hoping that the colour would look pretty accurate, and it does, though it looks just a tad redder in the pic.

I also thought I'd throw in a close up shot of the pattern I used for it. Yeah, I know the pic isn't very focused, please forgive me for that. The other one on the right is a little more focused, but the colour is so not accurate at all. It also looks like I have a big band of garter stitch there in the middle of the pic, but it is just the way I was positioned to take the pic.

The pattern is very easy as you can tell by clicking on the link above (and by looking at it). I'm pretty satisfied with the results, though next time I think I'll used a smaller needle for a tighter stitch. However, I should note that I used the larger size on purpose because I wanted this one to be a little more "delicate" than it would be with the smaller needles.

Pattern: drop stitch and garter scarf (Quick & Easy Scarf - link above)
Yarn: 1 skein of Pattons Classic Wool, Merino, dyed with Tropical Punch Kool-Aid
Needles: 5 mm bamboo
Difficulty Level: Very easy
Modifications: I used a different type of yarn and I cast on 20 stitches instead of 10 but I kept the pattern the same otherwise.

Happy knitting!

Friday, March 03, 2006

I've Been Tagged

Anny over at Anny Purls has tagged me with the 7 things meme...

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:

1. Get married
2. Have children
3. Get my B. Ed. and become a teacher
4. Travel someplace - any place (Israel would be nice if it wasn't for the fighting)
5. Grow closer to the Lord each day
6. Learn to accept myself better and not be so hard on myself
7. Write a novel and/or more published short stories

Seven Things I Can Not Do:

1. Speak French other than a few words I learned way back in junior high
2. Make fudge - it never turns out right
3. Study unless I have quiet an little to no distractions
4. Go to Hell - because I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour and that guarantees me a one way ticket to Heaven :o)
5. Disect (sp) a frog, pig or anything - never took biology in high school or elsewhere
6. Understand how anyone could abuse a child (or other person for that matter)
7. Sing very well

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Mate:

Well, since I don't have a mate, I will list 7 things that will attract me to a man...
1. Must be a Christian and have accepted Jesus as his Saviour
2. Honest
3. Kind, caring, compassionate
4. Have nice eyes and a nice smile
5. Have a good sense of humour
6. Be sensitive
7. Wants and loves children

Seven Books I Love:

1. The Holy Bible
2. Piercing The Darkness - Frank Perretti
3. This Present Darkness - Frank Perretti
4. My Hebrew Bible and Hebrew/English Lexicon (yeah I'm a nerd)
5. A Skeleton in God's Closet - Frank L. Maier
6. Fresh Wind Fresh Fire - Jim Cymbala
7. Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery (used to love this when I was younger)

Seven Things I Say:

1. How's it goin' eh?
2. I don't want to go to class today
3. I want to knit
4. The answer is Jesus (usually when someone says 'Can I ask you a question?')
5. I love knitting socks
6. What's for supper/lunch?
7. Will you drive me..... (I have my license but no insurance and no vehicle since going back to school)

Seven Movies I Loved:

Gosh, I don't know if I've really 'loved' many movies...can't even recall what ones I've seen, and haven't really seen any lately

1. The Passion of the Christ
2. That one with Russell Crowe in it as the prof who thought he was working top secret for the government but turns out he's only paranoid or schizo or something...forget the name of it.
3. Miracle on 34th
4. Radio...or something like that (the one with Denzel Washington - I think - who placed the guy who was mentally challenged or something and he helped the local high school football team and he loved radios...
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?

Seven People To Tag:

Well, I don't even know if I even really get seven people who read my blog so I will just tag anyone who wants to do it :o)