Thursday, April 07, 2011

Dedicated To Krissy

My best friend gave me heck this past Sunday for not updating this knitting blog for awhile, so Krissy, this post is dedicated to you!

Ok, so since the time of my last post, I have been busy making some baby items for a friend's first baby. She had the baby a couple of weeks ago, but I've just been slow in finishing things up and mailing it off.

I wanted to make a baby blanket, so I started crocheting (my favourite way of doing baby blankets) a giant granny square blanket in yellow and green. It looked fine (I need to photograph it and post it to show you), but I thought afterwards that I'd like something a little different than that.  So, I proceeded to do another one, also with yellow and green. At the time I she was still pregnant and I didn't know what she was having, so I wanted to play it safe with the colour choice.  Unfortunately, that blanket didn't turn out.

Oh, I should mention that I had also started knitting a blanket first (pictured a post or so ago...the one with the book in it), but I somehow ended up knitting it backwards - don't ask me how that happened! I figured it would have taken too long for me to start knitting a new one with this particular yarn as it was a light worsted weight. The yarn I chose for the other blankets was a lot thicker, and was easier to work up.

Above is a photo of the completed blanket I finished crocheting using Bernat Baby Bubbles yarn (from my stash, and I haven't seen it on shelves for awhile so I don't know if it's even available anymore), in the Pretty Bubbles colourway. I used a 5.5mm hook. The pattern is pretty easy and uses double crochet for the entire blanket.

I also decided to knit up a few bibs (to the left) using the Grandmother's Favourite Baby Bib pattern (on Ravelry). It's pretty  much the dishcloth pattern and then you bind off until there are five stitches left, and then do the strap. Very easy!

The bib in the middle (yellow one) is made with Cotton Tots, and the other two are made with Bernat Cotton that's used for dishcloths.

The last pattern (below) I made was the Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths found on Ravelry as well. These were made with Cottontots, and is done in crochet. Again, this is a very easy pattern and crochets up quickly!

I'll try to get a photo up soon of the granny square blanket I mentioned earlier. Aside from all these baby items I've been working on, I haven't done much else in knitting. I do have another bib on the needles, and I'll make more of those as well. These will go with the items I make for the mitten tree at church.

Ok, well, that's all for now. Happy knitting!