Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alphabet Swap Partner's Scarf

Flying Home Scarf
My Alphabet Swap partner finally received her package this week (on Monday), so I can share the picture of the scarf I knit for her.  She was satisfied with the package and said the pattern and colours were perfect for her (or something like that).  I'm glad she likes it, because I was a little worried she wouldn't.  I had no reason to believe she wouldn't, other than my own doubts about my yarn/colour choice and the blocking.

The picture here isn't that great as I had to use the flash (it was night and my apartment doesn't have good lighting for taking pictures). The colours are a little bit darker in real life.  In the daylight I think it looks really good.

I used the Flying Home Scarf pattern, a free download on Ravelry.  I really enjoyed this pattern; it wasn't too difficult, and while I couldn't memorize the pattern (it's a 10 row repeat), it was easy to follow.  I will more than likely be knitting this pattern again.

My blocking isn't that great as I didn't have anything to use for my blocking, other than pins.  I've since ordered some blocking wires from Knit Picks and will be able to use them on the next scarf I make - which  happens to be what I'm working on now.

I'll refrain showing any progress on my current scarf or mentioning the pattern for the current project since I am knitting it for my new swap partner in the Stashbuster swap at Ravelry.  This time I am only knitting and sending the scarf.  I like the pattern I'm using, and will likely knit it again in the future.  Once this new swap partner gets the scarf, I'll post a picture and the name of the pattern on here.

Aside from these scarves, I haven't been working much on the hat I'd been working on.  I am on the decreasing at the top of the hat; I'm just waiting until I get these swap scarves completed and then I'll go back and finish the hat, block it, and post a picture of it.  I do like the way it looks so far, though, and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Well, I'd best be off and get some marking done for work so that I can do some knitting a little later on this evening.  Happy knitting!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Scarf Exchange Package

Here is the lovely package I received from my scarf exchange pal! I finally received it. I checked the tracking number of the package I sent to her, and the latest update this afternoon only stated that it was received in the States.  I don't know if it's just at the boarder, or if it's at least in her state.  Hopefully she will get it soon.  I really dislike the postal service where I live; it's not that great.

Anyway, everything is great!  Here is how she used the alphabet (we had to send 3-5 items that used the letters A - E):

A - alpaca yarn in the scarf
B - blue, the major colour of the scarf
C - candy and cows
D - drop stitch pattern used in the scarf
E - Echo Trail Scarf pattern, which is an eyelet scarf.  E is also for eggplant, the colour of the yarn (though the colourway is listed as grape, she thought it looked more like eggplant)

The scarf is so soft, which I like. I don't care for anything scratchy around my neck (or anywhere for that matter), and this is certainly not going to cause that problem!  My pal stated in her note that the scarf is a little shorter than she had hoped, by I am fine with that. I love it anyway!

So, Thelma, if you are reading this (not sure if you read my blog or not), thank you so much for the wonderful package!  I just hope you are just as pleased with what I sent in your package.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Argyle Cap - Progress

The Argyle Cap
I've been working the last few days on The Argyle Cap I mentioned in the previous post.  I had hoped to finish it today since we have a holiday here.

I don't think that's going to happen.  Because I don't have a lot of light in my living room, and the fact the red is dark, it makes it a little difficult to work on in the evenings.  But, I have been working on it and I should get it completed this week before I get matched with my next scarf exchange partner on Friday.

So far, I think I am right on with the pattern.  Along the way I've made some mistakes and when I'd get to the end of the row, things didn't match up with the pattern - I'd be off by a couple of stitches.  I'd look to discover where I went wrong, then tink  back to the spot I'd need to fix.  Unfortunately, a couple of times that spot was close to the beginning of the row.  The row I just finished had me going back to near the beginning twice, and then about a couple of inches back the last time until I got it back on pattern.

I'm knitting the small size (ladies size I think), and because of the needles I'm using, and the weight of the yarn (fingering), I think these circulars are just a tad too long (I thought I was getting the smallest size - at least it was the smallest that was available at the shop where I purchased them). I'd also like to see the needle part just a little shorter.  Anyway, I hope this doesn't stretch the yarn too much and make the hat out of shape or too loose.
Close up of the pattern so far. 
This pattern isn't too difficult and most of the rows are easily memorized after a repeat.  I do find that I need to be able to concentrate while doing this, so watching the Olympics at the same time probably isn't a good idea.  That, and getting a couple of text messages from a friend, is probably what caused me to have to tink back those few times in the row I just finished.

I can't wait until this hat is finished so I can see how it looks.  The pattern suggest wet blocking and drying flat. I've never done that with a hat before, so hopefully that won't be too much of a problem for me.

I'm debating on making the matching mittens after I finish this (or at least after I finish the next scarf for the exchange), or if I'll make another hat using one of the other designs in the pattern and then make the matching mittens for both hats at that point.

For now, I'll concentrate on finishing the hat.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

I Finished My Scarf

As you might remember, I was taking part in a scarf exchange on Ravelry.   I completed the scarf and mailed out the package yesterday.  I do hope my exchange partner likes everything!  I'm not going to post a picture of the scarf until after she receives it, just in case she happens to visit my blog and sees it.  I don't want to ruin the surprise for her.

I'm not totally satisfied with the blocking as I've not really done any blocking in the past.  I probably shouldn't have chosen a pattern that needed to be blocked until after I had more experience with blocking; however, I did offer to knit her something else if she isn't satisfied with it.

Last month, I got my orders from Knit Picks and The Loopy Ewe (links to their shops on my left sidebar).  The photo to the right shows the yarn from Knit Picks, and includes: 2 Wondermint Chroma Worsted (back right corner), 2 Peapod Stroll (the green), 2 Dandelion Stroll (yellow), 2 Eggplant Palette (dark purple), 2 Cream Palette (in back of the dark purple), 1 Lignonberry Heather Palette and 1 Oyster Heather Palette (both in front and being used to knit my current project).
The photo to the left is part of my order from The Loopy Ewe.  I bought two Cascade 220 in purple hyacinth, and one Alchemy Yarns of Transformation - Juniper Colorways in sugar mountain.  I also ordered  two Cascade Superwash Sport in Christmas green and gifted them to my BFF.

I also ordered a few other things with the yarn, but didn't put them in the pictures.  I got some tapestry needles, since I couldn't find my other ones, some Harmony DPNs (unfortunately I ordered the 5 inch needles and they are a little small for my current project, but I'm making due.  I think I'll have to order them in a bigger size next time as I am enjoying using this needle.), a magnetic chart keeper, and something for my scarf exchange pal (which I'll refrain from writing).

As I mentioned above, I've started on my next project.  It is the Argyle Cap by Amy Munson (from Knit Picks).  I also ordered the Argyle Mitten Collection (also by Amy Munson) pattern as well.  Both the hat and mitten patterns have a few different variations of the pattern to choose from.  I have only just started the hat pattern today, so I don't have much of it to show in a photo just yet.  When I get it done, I'll be sure to take a picture.

The Ravelry group (International Scarf Exchange) is hosting another scarf exchange, and I've signed up for it again.  They are taking a month off from the alphabet exchange and just doing a stash busting exchange.  You can either sign up to send  just a scarf, or a scarf, a skein of yarn from your stash, and a little treat to nibble or sip.  I joined the one to send only the scarf, and I'm already thinking of possible patterns.  We will get matched up with a partner next Friday and then have a month to get the scarf made and mailed.

Time to get back to working on my hat.  We have a long weekend (Family Day) so I hope to get this project completed before heading back to work on Tuesday.

Happy knitting!