Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Three Days After Christmas!

Well, throughout the Christmas holidays...well, really beginning on the 24th...I worked on a quick scarf. I got the pattern from a lady at work last week (the week before Christmas week, that is). Since then, she's been frequently asking me if I was going to make a scarf from that pattern. She brought one in that her mom had made her a few years ago as an example. The directions sound odd, so she wanted to show me the final product.
Don't get me wrong, the pattern is super easy, but they just sound odd. As you can see to the right, this is the finished product. I finished it this evening. It didn't take long to complete either - which is always nice.

I used less than 1 ball/skein of Bernat Satin yarn (from the stash) in the sage colourway, and 5mm DPNs.

There is no name given on the instructions, aside from saying "Scarf" at the top, so I would like to name it The Tube Scarf. Why, might you ask? Well, it's because you knit the scarf on 3 DPNs. I have no idea where the pattern originated (the lady didn't say), so there could be a name for it already, as well as directions somewhere on the net. However, I'm going to be nice and include the copy of directions I have:

The Tube Scarf

Cast on 24 stitches and divide evenly on three DPNs.
Knit all around for 6 rows.
Row 7: YO, K1 all the way around (48 stitches on needles at this point)

Continue knitting all stitches until you reach desired length (approx. 20-21 inches).

Next Row: Drop 1 stitch, K1, drop 1, K1 entire way around (24 stitches on needles at this point).

Knit these 24 stitches for 6 rows.

Bind off.

Carefully pull so that the dropped stitches "fall" to the bottom of the scarf. This should cause your scarf to double in length.

Sew ends and add fringe.
Here is a closeup of the stitches after they've been pulled:
The scarf, as I said, is very easy to knit. I didn't see how dropping the stitches at the end and then pulling the scarf would cause the length to double, but it did. The only thing I can think of, is that by pulling the yarn it is stretching it which would cause it to double in length. It's simply amazing - at least to me it is. I knit for about the 20 inches, and didn't use up the entire ball of yarn...though I probably should have so I wouldn't have the remainder lying around the house.

So, aside from this scarf, I've been working on a pair of mittens for myself out of Briggs & Little yarn. I'm on the second mitten (been working on these at breaks and lunch at work), but they don't take too long. Hopefully I'll have them finished before the end of the month so I can add them to my "Finished in '08" list.
Not much else going on. Christmas was quiet, but didn't seem quite the same without Dad being here. We made it through fine though. My younger brother and his family didn't make it up because he had to work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. They live about three hours away and didn't want to make the trip in one day, especially in case there was some bad weather - he didn't want to end up getting stuck here and not be able to make it to work. My other brother and his wife were here for supper, and Mom invited an old friend of hers and her husband. So, things went pretty well, which I'm glad for.
In case I don't get to post before New Years, I hope you all have a safe and joyous 2009 - and lots of knitting, too!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

SP13 Gift!

I got my gift from my SP13 pal, and it is awesome! Yesterday was a gloomy, foggy, heavy rainy day that started out with ice and snow everywhere, making it slushy in most places. I was afraid to drive until I hit the highway where one lane was pretty clear...though there was probably some black ice. It wasn't as bad as they had said it would be the night before. However, the temperatures quickly rose to double digits and the rain came...I don't think I've seen it rain that hard in a long time.

So, when I got home from work (no problems driving, except for the wind so that was a little difficult driving down the highway), the box waiting for me was a bright spot to the day! Thank you so much, SP for my gift!

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to open it. Here's what I got:

A nice card, a cute snowman tin with a cute kitty ornament and knitted catnip mouse (for Tinker Belle), some chocolates (yummy!), and 2 skeins (or are those called hanks...I'm never sure) of Malabrigo yarn in the Carribbean colourway! It's so gorgeous and skooshy! I have never knit with this yarn, and it's been on my wishlist. I don't know what I will make with it yet...any suggestions??

Thank you so much SP!! I love it all! And Tinker Belle...well, she absolutely LOVED the mouse. She wouldn't put it down after I gave it to her. I had to take it back momentariliy to get a picture, and she kept meowing and pawing at my arm wanting me to give it back to her. She went nuts over it! I'll close with a pic of her enjoying her new mouse.

"Puuurrrr. Meow meow meow, meeeeooww!"*
* translation: Thanks Mommy's Secret Pal, I LOVE it!"

Monday, December 01, 2008

Gettin' Ziggy With It

Late Saturday night I finished my Get Ziggy. It's for my best friend's sister's soon-to-be baby boy (due some time in December). The baby shower was yesterday, however I unfortunately couldn't go due to the ton of school work I had to do. I did take the gift (the sweater plus a couple other things) to church with me and gave it to my friend to take to the shower for me.

Forgive the terrible picture, but it was late at night and I wanted to make sure I got a couple pics before sending it off to the recipient. I had artificial light, as you can tell, so the colour is off.

The sweater was a breeze to knit - well, once I frogged back to fix the mistake I had made. I only realized after knitting the first 16 rows of the cable section. Oh well, at least I didn't have the entire thing done and notice it! Other than that mistake (my own I might add, and not the pattern), I had no problems.

I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease (recommended by someone on Ravelry) and found it knit up well. The colourway is called Lilac, but to me it looks more blue than lilac. I got some more of this yarn in a different colour to make another one of these (for a girl) at some other point. The size I knit was for 3 months, and had a little yarn left over from 2 skeins. I'll probably make another 3 month sweater in the other colourway, unless it calls for the same amount for the 6 month size...not entirely sure on that point off hand.

The pic to the right was taken with the flash and is lighter than the actual colour, but again, I was trying to take a half decent shot considering the conditions I was working with. If I had been able to, I'd have waited until the next day to take a pic of Ziggy, but that wasn't possible. The picture down below of the close-up of the cable is not an accurate colour either.

I should mention that I've neglected my blog for the past week or so due to the amount of school work I've had. We're on our last full week of classes before Christmas break (next Monday is the last day) and it's a busy one. This week consists of 2 presentations, a book talk (3 minute presentation) on a kids book, a resource binder to fill for music class, an article critique, plus an assignment. I'm looking forward to this break so I can have time when I don't have to worry about needing to get school work done.
As it is, I did some work up tonight for tomorrow's classes. I should be working on the book talk for Wednesday (we need to make a poster for it as well), but I'm not. I'm feeling tired tonight and since I did up tomorrow's homework, I thought I'd relax and go to bed early tonight. I finish class at 2:45 tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have time to work on the book talk tomorrow. I just hope it doesn't take too long to do! Wednesday will be a busy afternoon and evening as well since I have to do an article critique and finish up the presentation I have for Thursday (the presentation is a 2 person one so I'm not doing all the work).
Going to end for now and hope you are all doing well! Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Update

Sorry guys, no pics this time. I've been somewhat busy with school work and haven't had much time to take pics or even do a lot of knitting.

I've been working on Get Ziggy, and have the majority of it finished (it's a quick knit), but I need to finish it completely before the 30th. The sweater is for my best friend's sister who is having a baby in December, and her babyshower is on the 30th. I have no doubts in my mind that it will be finished before then - possibly even by this weekend.

Today we had our first snow of the season. There wasn't much at first and it was only sticking on the grass. However, it was windy and cold too. The snow was a wet sticky one, so it wasn't the nicest really. The day was quite blustery, and even tonight it's the same. I have a feeling the roads are probably somewhat slippery out there. The salt trucks haven't been around yet, but I'm sure they will be by morning. Thankfully we have someone come and plow out our driveway, so we just have to do the front step (2 steps) and the walkway...and the end of the driveway if the plow goes by after buddy has already plowed the driveway.

So, I realized I needed some protection on my hands. It was mightly cold cleaning off the car - even though it didn't take too long. I started a pair of mittens for myself using sock yarn. I know they might not be the warmest, but they will suffice for now. I only got a few rows knit on the first one this morning, however. Then I had to go to class. Hopefully it won't take me long to make these puppies!

Well, it's been a bit since I've posted and just wanted to d o a little update. Hope to have some pics of my WIPs to show you soon!

Happy knitting!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

SP13 Questionnaire

The questionnaire is up for SP13 and thought I'd post my answers. I'll have to get back to this again soon and update some things. For the most part, my answers are below...

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

I like most yarns, though I don't care for acrylics at all. Even though my current WIP (or one of them) is in acrylic, I don't particularly like working with them. I've become a yarn snob!

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?

I have a small needle holder for DPNs.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?

I have been knitting pretty much since 2001/2002. I learned to do the knit and purl stitch as a young child in brownies, but that was all. I eventually taught myself to knit with a bit of help from a friend. I would consider myself an intermediate knitter.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?

I have a Loopy Ewe wish list on the side bar.

5. What's your favorite scent?

Love fruit flavour scents. I am allergic to many flowery type scents.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?

I definitely have a sweet tooth! I love milk chocolate (don't care for dark or white) and I love Swedish Berries and most things chocolate or sweet, sour patch kids.

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?

I can crochet, I am into making cards and I can spin a little, though I haven't worked on it in a year (couldn't fit it in my suitcase when I went to Korea for a year, and haven't had the opportunity to work on it since coming back). I have a drop spindle, and not a wheel.

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)

I mostly listen to Christian/Worship music. My computer can play mp3 (I think) and I do have an mp3 player.

9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?

Fav colour is purple but I also like blues, greens, varigated, pastels, jewel tones. Don't care for browns, rusts, neon colours, not too fond of orange (though some mixed in with other colours is nice sometimes).

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?

I'm single (waahhh!) and I have a cat named Tinker Belle.

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?

I wear scarves, mittens, hats (my hair if fine and gets extremely staticy in winter) and no ponchos. I do like to knit hats though.

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?

socks, baby items, hats, scarves

13. What are you knitting right now?

a scarf, socks, baby sweater (Get Ziggy to be exact)

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?


15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?

I like both straight and circular, though I prefer circular for hats. I like bamboo, aluminum...not plastic though. I do have a couple pairs of plastic needles and they are ok, but not my favourites to use.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?

I have a newly purchased yarn winder (no swift though).

17. How old is your oldest UFO?

gosh...I'm not sure...maybe a year and a half to two years?

18. What is your favorite holiday? What winter holiday do you observe?

Fav. holiday is Christmas, followed by my birthday (see below), and I observe Christmas. Not sure what other winter holidays are out

19. Is there anything that you collect?

yarn (of course, lol), cats

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?

No subscriptions to any magazines, though I love many of them (not too fussy with the magazines). Many books, yarns, needles, patterns I'm yearning for. Keep checking back and I'll try to update this a little more. There are so many new yarns out there that I'd like (see my Loopy Ewe wish list in the side bar), Malabrigo sounds great and I'd like to try that, as well as STR. Patterns...again, so many to choose from!

21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?

Always wanting to learn new techniques. I want to learn to knit socks on 2 circs at the same time. I have a DVD that shows how...just need to sit down and watch it!

22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?

Definitely a sock knitter. I have a US size 8 foot (well, two of them actually, lol).

23. When is your birthday?

January 20

24. Are you on Ravelry? If so, what's your ID?

Yes, I'm on Ravelry. My ID is Tabby2004 (at least I think that's what it is...that's what I use to sign on with. Hmm...feeling quite computer illiterate right about now...think I must have lost some brain cells along the way...hehehe.

So, Secret Pal, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Under Construction

As you can see, I've changed my background (again). I'm still tweeking it and trying to figure out how to make the font in the sidebar darker so as to make it easier to read. I realize that in the body of the post I will have to make things bold and dark so it shows up pretty good.

At any rate, I may be playing around with it some so what you see might not necessarily be the final product!

In knitting news, not much has been going on. I've been slowly working at the scarf I started a couple of weeks ago. I've been busy with school work so I haven't had as much time to do any knitting. Oh, and I got a ball winder the other day (finally!) and that makes me a happy camper!

Just keeping this brief and will hopefully be back soon with more of an update!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Yup, You Guessed It...

I finished another hat the other night. This one is the Lace Lieutenant by Kimberley of Woven 'n Spun. I enjoyed making this hat, and it was easy and quick (when I could sit down and work at it). I really must apologize for the terrible pictures of this hat. The yarn was quite difficult to photograph, and the pics came out blurry. Also, I don't have a model for hats (and they look terrible on me so that's not even an option) so I'm stuck using the corner of pillows or laying them flat.

Yarn: Peruvian Pure Alpaca
Purchased from:
Colourway: 784 (a sort of rust/brown colour)
Needle size: 4.0 mm (I think)
Yardage: a little less than 50g
This is a cute hat, and I can see myself making this pattern
again using other yarns. Sorry again for the terrible pics. I'll be adding this hat to my items for the mitten tree at the church.
I've since started another scarf (last night actually), but don't have enough worthy to be photographed just yet. I was watching season 7 of Stargate SG-1 last night and wanted something to work on. I didn't feel like working on socks and thought a simple scarf would do the trick. However, I couldn't find one that wouldn't require me to pay attention to, so I continued working on the second baby frilled hat (like the one in the previous post).
This morning when I got up, I surfed through Ravelry to find something and came across one and started it. It uses Rowan Tapestry, and I just happened to have a ball of that in my stash (from when I bought it while in Seoul one day last winter). The pattern calls for size 6.0mm needles, but I couldn't find mine. My stuff is all packed away from being in Korea (stuff as in my knitting things, books, etc.) and I don't know where everything is. I did happen across some 5.5mm plastic or acrylic type needles, so I'm using those instead. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the scarf soon. I don't anticipate it taking a long time to knit since it only uses one skein/ball and it's a repeat of two rows. It's perfect for knitting on when watching TV...I think. I'll be working on it tonight when I watch more of Stargate tonight.
In other news...ok, it's not really news, but whatever, lol. Last night was Halloween. I was kind of looking forward to it this year - seeing the kids all dressed up - since this is something that isn't celebrated in South Korea. I talked about it with my classes some last year, and even brought some candy in for them. However, it just wasn't the same. Anyway, all we had come to the door was a total of 21 kids, and 1 adult who was collecting food for the food bank.
Actually, the one collecting for the food bank goes to the university I'm attending (for my B.Ed.). I had seen signs posted around the school about their food drive, so I prepared for that just in case. I don't live too far from the school, so I figured they would probably be in my area. I had packed some canned goods in a shopping bag and left that by the door just in case. Poor guy, he barely got the words out of his mouth and I was telling him I figured they'd be around and had got some stuff prepared for them. He laughed and seemed thankful it didn't take him long at the door. See, I didn't want to have to make anyone wait in the cold (it wasn't freezing, but it was a little cold last night) while I ran up to the cupboard looking for something to give, so I wanted to be prepared. I hope they got a lot of items for the food bank last night!
Ok, well I'm going to head off now and attempt to work on some school work, or maybe take a nap or knit...or all of the above. Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hats Off To You!

I seem to be on a hat making spree. Last week I finished the hat I was working on, but hadn't taken any pictures until a little while ago. The edge is suppose to ruffle, but mine didn't. Maybe it's something you have to do yourself though, like pinching the edges of pie crust to get that ruffled looking edge...

This is the Ruffle Hat from Bernat. I got the pattern from the yarn wrapper, but I think you can also get it for free online (like possibly Ravelry). You can see, on the left side, the seam that has to be sewn. I wasn't paying much attention when I took the pic I guess, otherwise I wouldn't have had the seam showing.

This cute litte hat is sized 6-12 months (I think), and is knit on two straight needles, and is easy. I think, however, that I prefer knitting hats on circulars. I used 4.0 mm bamboo needles, and the yarn is Bernat Baby Jaquards in the Berries and Cream colourway. There is way more yarn left over, and I've started another one of these hats as well. I might also make some little baby booties as well (maybe more than one pair) as I am sure there will still be lots of yarn left over after the second hat is finished.

I tried to resize the picture here after I posted it, but I think it turned out a little lop sided or something. Please excuse the awkwardness if it doesn't look "quite right."

I also make a little sock for my friend's baby to try on her yesterday. I finished the sock on Saturday so that when I saw her at church I could try it on to get an idea as for the right size. The smallest one I had (I have 2 pairs made previously that will go on the mitten tree at church for Christmas) was a little tight on her chubby ankle, the medium sized one fit ok with the exception that it was long in the foot. And, the third one was a little long in the foot and might have been a tad bit big around her foot. However, she's a baby and her feet will grow. I think I will keep them the length in the foot (toe area) that they are because she can use them several times over the winter. My friend wants them basically to keep her daughter's feet warm inside her snowsuit. She (the baby) can't walk yet, so that isn't a problem.

I've also started another hat. This one is adult sized and I don't have enough of it done yet to really take a pic. I'm using some yarn I had in my stash that I had made a scarf with a couple of winters ago. The pattern calls for 1 50g ball, so I should have enough; if I don't, I still have some left over that I didn't need for the scarf. Hopefully I'll get more done on the hat and can post a pic next time...even better, hopefully I'll be finished knitting it!

On the weekend, I ordered Get Ziggy from Anny Purls and I'd like to order Duck Soup as well, I think. Get Ziggy calls for aran weight yarn, but I can't seem to find yarn in that size. The nearest thing I can find for a description is that it is a yarn weight in Great Britain and it falls between worsted and a bulky weight.

Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions on yarns I can use for this pattern? Duck Soup uses a chunky yarn, so that shouldn't be too difficult to find something for that - when I actually order the pattern. However, I'd like to make Get Ziggy for my best friend's sister who is having a baby in January.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Hats

I've been quite busy the last week and a half with school work. I had a ton of stuff to do - two unit plans, a quiz, two presentations, and two article critiques all due in the last week and a half. Oh, and I have an art response type of paper due on Thursday. I'll be so glad when this week is over. But then, I also have a presentation next week as well. Thankfully next week isn't too busy.
Along the way I finished the second tomato baby hat. Lest anyone think I'm taking credit for two hats and only making one, here's the proof (well, to the left):

Like I've been saying all along, this is a cute hat and fast and easy to make. I can see more being made in the future - just not sure when though. I've got some patterns (like I'm sure many knitters do) of other fruit hats that I'd like to make at some point as well.

I've begun another little hat. It's from the wrapper of some Bernat Jacquards baby yarn and I thought it was so cute. I haven't been able to work at it in the last several days and I want to be able to sit down and finish it. This one is done on two needles, and while I don't mind that (aside from having to seam it up after), I think I now prefer to knit the hats in the round. This little hat is knit from the top down, and will have a little frill around the edge. I can't wait to see it completed (hopefully sometime this weekend.

I know Bernat is acrylic (wow, I just heard millions of yarn snobs gasping - and yeah, I gasped too cause I've turned into one too).

In other news, have you heard that SP13 has started up? Deadline to sign up is October 31. I've signed up for this round. I haven't been able to take part in the last two since I was in Korea and have extremely limited access to the post office (never opened past 4:30 and that was the time I got out of work, and never opened on the weekend). Anyway, now that I'm back in Canada I wanted to be able to take part in it again. I was surprised at the $5 sign up fee, but that goes towards angel packages, so I don't have a problem with paying it. I'm so excited for SP13 and I can't wait to get my spoilee!
Well, I'd better head off and get ready for bed. I only got about three hours of sleep last night because I was up late working on the science unit plan that was due today. I ended up doing the unit plan and 6 lesson plans. I thought that was what we were supposed to do. Turns out we didn't have to actually do the lesson plans - just the unit plan that included the six lessons for the unit we chose (I chose grade 5 weather). All that work for nothing. Oh well, at least I have a 6 lesson unit plan prepared for when I start teaching...

Anyhow, I had a nearly two hour nap when I got home from school this afternoon, but I'm feeling tired again. I think I'll head off to bed and make up for lost sleep.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Hat

Last night I managed to complete a baby hat - in about four hours. I was looking for something simple to knit while watching some episodes of Stargate SG-1 (I have the box set). I've been feeling a little stressed for several days due to presentations and whatnot at school, so I wanted to take a little break and relax.

Isn't it cute? It's the Tomato Baby Beanie. I used some Knit Picks Merino Style yarn in Strawberry and asperagus that I had in my stash. I've still got someleft and will be making another one of these tonight (or at least starting it).
I start my teaching observation tomorrow. I'll be in a grade two class and I'm excited about going. I just have to basically observe, make some notes about it and write up a "report" about the different things I've observed, like classroom management, the methods used by the teacher, etc. I'll be there the whole day - well actually, I get to leave when the students do. If the teachers stay past that time (the kids get out about 1:50 I think), I'm not required to stay unless I want to in order to help the teacher if she needs it - like with marking anything, setting up for something the next day, etc. My observation will be 72 hours, and I only go on Fridays because I have classes the rest of the week.

Well, going to head off now and resume my search for some background on a Canadian painting. For my art class I have to do this and do some research on the artist as well and then write a paper about it (two to three pages). Our prof is looking for certain things, like influences, etc. and not triva like when the artist was born and died or stuff like that. I really don't know how I'm going to do this because what I've chosen (the prof said the artist I wanted to choose is great) doesn't give me much detail as to what was going on in the artist's life at the time or why he painted the subject the way he did...might end up having to change it. The paper is due next Thursday, but I've also got a group unit plan due on Wednesday, an individual unit plan due on Tuesday, a critique paper due on Tuesday...and I think, other than that and the art paper, that's it.

I tell you, I can't wait until this week is over. The stress with regard to school will decrease dramatically as I have the bulk of work done already. I chose to get a lot of it over with during the first part of the semester so I wouldn't have everything due all at once towards the end.

So, happy knitting to you all!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Latest FO

I finished my second 2 Weeknights With Warrick scarf by Karin Bole. I started this on October 3rd when I went with my mom to visit some relatives. The women were playing cards and the men were sitting around watching a little TV and talking. I decided to knit and chose something easy that wouldn't require too much concentration.

I used size 4.0mm bamboo needles and Patons SWS in the Natural Plum colourway. I liked working with this yarn and found it to knit up pretty darn good.

While I was working away on it, I got plenty of compliments on the pattern and the colour. The next day my mom said she thought that would look really nice with her new winter coat she had just bought the day before. Well, the coat is black so pretty much anything will go with it. I held what I had done to that point up to to the coat, and it looked really good. So, I told her that if she wanted it I would give it to her. Well, she decided that she would like to have it, so when I finished it up last night I showed her and gave it to her...though I had to borrow it today for a little photo shoot.

Yesterday after church, one of my friends asked me if I could knit up some socks for her baby girl. I think the baby is about six months, though I'm not totally sure because she was born while I was over in Korea. She said that last year her son's feet (he's around twoish) got cold in his snow suite and she doesn't want that to happen to her daughter. She also said her mother-in-law usually makes things like that for the kids, but apparently her MIL isn't too pleased with them currently...don't know why, and I don't really care because it's none of my business. Anyway I said I'd try to get some done for both kids. She's going to let me know what size shoe her son takes so I can make them to fit better than just guessing. I'll probably make toddler size for the baby...maybe ones a little smaller than that. Hopefully if I have the time, and before it snows and gets too cld, I can get a couple pairs done for her to try on the baby to see if they fit and if I'd need to adjust the size...same with her son.

So, I think on tap next is to work on the socks for my friend's kids. I have another friend who has hinted that she wants me to make her some socks as a gift for Christmas (there are three of us who usually exchange home made gifts at Christmas), but the only problem is that I have no idea what size to make. I do know she takes a bigger size shoe (maybe a 10), but her foot is also quite big all around. I would have to know her measurements, but if I get her to do that then she will know what her gift is. The other problem I have is that a couple years ago I knit her a really pretty bag (felted it too) which she raved about. She never once used it. Never. Ever. I don't want to make someone something if they aren't going to use it. It's a waste of my time. I guess I'll have to think about it a little more. I'd like for the socks to be a "surprise", even though she hinted at them. I can always fool her into thinking I'm not making them or I'm making her something else, just to throw her off track (she'd fall for it I think, lol) and then make them, but without knowing measurements, I wouldn't like to make them for a size 10 foot and end up having them not fit her around the gusset area. What to do, what to do...

Things are busy this week and next. I've got two presentations, an article critique, a couple of small quizzes, and a unit plan all due in the next two weeks. I'd better go work at the stuff due for the next couple of days so I'm not up til all hours trying to get things done.

Happy thanksgiving to all Canadians!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Hat

I really love the pattern for the Spring Cap, so I decided to use my last ball of Fiance yarn (used in the previous hat and scarf) and make another one - this time in the medium size.

Here you see Tinker Belle checking it out. Sorry for the poor colouring of the pic - it was taken inside on the table with the light on and the blinds open. Anyway, I can't stop praising this pattern! It's so easy and quick to make - I just LOVE it!

I also started another Two Weeknights With Warrick scarf this past Friday. I went with my mom to visit some relatives that evening (we went out for supper with them first), and while the men sat around and talked, the ladies played canasta. I decided to pring my knitting so I wanted something that wouldn't need my full attention. I don't have any pics of it at the moment, but it's looking nice. I'll hopefully have a picture for my next post.

This morning there was frost/ice on the windows of the car and I had to scrape it off - I guess it's time to drag out the winter accessories! I'll have to get cracking and get some mittens done up for the mitten tree. I was thinking of doing some fingerless gloves or something for driving on the cold mornings (until I need fuller mittens/gloves). I'll have to look through my stash and see what I have and find a nice pattern to do up.

Well, just a short post today. I should go and get some reading done for my class this afternoon. Happy knitting!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Another Completed Item!

I'm on a roll - sort of! I was able to finish the Spring Cap a little while ago. I didn't add a pompom or anything though, but you don't have to. I think it turned out pretty cute! I made the small size using size 4mm circulars, and then DPNs to finish it off. Well, I think they were 4mm...I couldn't find my thingy (don't you love the technical term?) to measure it with.
At any rate, this is going in the pile to donate and will go on the mitten tree at church for Christmas. I think it will fit a teenager possibly. I'd like to try this pattern with a worsted weight yarn (I don't think that's what this yarn is) or something a little bigger, to see how it turns out...
I highly recommend this pattern - it's so easy and quick to make.
In other news, the storm I mentioned in the previous post didn't hit us, thankfully. We had a little wind (nothing too strong in my area) and rain. I guess it was supposed to hit NB around two in the morning, but it ended up changing directions and hit NS.
I got back the 4 page assignment for my literacy class today. We had to write our literacy memoirs - experiences with reading, writing, speaking - and hand it in about three weeks ago. I was unsure if mine was done the way it should have been, even though I tried my best to follow the rubric he gave us. Well, I must have done it right, because I got 40/40 on it! He was checking everything from the way it flowed, to spelling and grammar, and if we used personal experiences as examples...a whole lot of things. So, I'm very satisfied with that mark!
Well, I'd better get going now. I have a class in about an hour and I need to eat lunch before I go. Happy knitting!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It Is Finished...And Something Else Started

Well, I got the scarf finished. I haven't blocked it yet - not really sure if I will or not. It's on the shortish side as I only used two balls of the yarn, but I thought that if I do block it that might stretch it out a little. It's still a good size now though.

I really enjoyed this pattern (links to Ravelry), and will make it again for sure.

In other knitting news, I've started a hat using the same yarn I did for the scarf. I had debated on making a feather & fan type hat to match the scarf, but decided against it.

I decided on the Spring Cap by Woolly Wormhead (don't you just love that name?!) and I must say I am really enjoying the pattern. It's easy and it's knitting up quickly. I am making the smallest size and I don't know if it will fit an adult or a teenager. My yarn is different than what is in the pattern and I have no idea if it's the same size of yarn or not. Since my yarn is from Korea (or Japan) there is no indication of the size of yarn that I can see. So, to me it doesn't really matter because I'm not making the hat for me. It will join the mitten tree at church to be donated to charity. I'm going to put a note with it I think, as this hat isn't thick enough (especially with the "lace" work in it) for my opinion. It's more for spring (as the name would probably indicate) or fall. Regardless, I'm sure someone will enjoy having a nice hat to wear on a chilly day.
I'm just about ready to start the crown shaping, so I don't anticipate it taking a lot longer to finish knitting wise. What will interrupt the knitting will be school work. I've got my first presentation (it's a group one) on Tuesday and of course trying to keep on top of the other work so I'm not doing things up a day or two before things are due. I'm trying to use my knitting as a reward - work awhile then do some knitting to relax. The only problem is that I am enjoying this pattern (as I did with the scarf) and want to work at it until it's done!
In other news, hurricane Kyle is heading our way. I think on the weather network they said it's downgraded to a tropical storm, but I'm not totally sure on that. Regardless, they showed it heading straight for our city but it could hit west of us as well. They say that we are expected to get something like 50-100 mm of rain by Monday (tomorrow) morning, and winds will be in excess of 63km/hour. Sorry for those who don't know the metric system - I'm not sure what they convert to...though I think with kilometers and miles you double the kilometer (roughly), though I'm not really sure. It's supposed to hit just before dawn tomorrow.
We don't often get hurricanes but we have gotten tail winds from them and tropical storms. I know Halifax got hit by hurricane Juan about three years ago, and they say that this storm will hit three years to the day that hurrican hit.
It's getting dark out (has been for a little while) so I expect the storm is on its way. It's not raining yet but that will come too. Hopefully things won't be too bad! I'd better head off now and get some more school work done. Happy knitting!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Half Way Point

I've reached the half way mark on the scarf. Roughly. I think. I'll have to wait and decide if it's long enough when I'm finished the second ball of yarn. Though these aren't generally colours I care for (at least the browns), I think the scarf is looking pretty darn good! I like the way the colours are blending together.

I was a little stupid though, and just grabbed one of the balls (I have a total of 3) before starting the scarf, and it started with the orangish-red. The other two balls I have start with the browns. Now that I've started the second ball, you can easily notice where it starts because the first one also ended with the orangish-red colour. There is no blending between the two balls, and it's not following the colour pattern. I'm not overly concerned about this, however, as all the colours will still be present - just in a different order now. Also, the part with the drastic colour change (where ball two joins) will be at the back of the neck anyway so that shouldn't be too noticeable (if it will at all).
I'm not sure if I'll block the scarf or not. So far it's looking pretty good so far. I'm afraid if I do block it, it will be wider than what it is currently - though maybe I could stretch the length and not the width...anyway, I'll wait until I'm done to decide if I'll block or not.

As I said, I have a 3rd ball in waiting. If I don't use it for the scarf, I might see if I can get a hat knit from it - even if it's only a child's hat. It doesn't necessarily have to go with the scarf - mostly because I don't know if there is a hat pattern with a feather and fan design or not. So, I'll just make any ol' hat. As I said, it doesn't have to go with the scarf. I'm thinking about donating these items to the mitten tree at church at Christmas, so the hat might end up getting put with the scarf anyway, but like I said, it doesn't matter to me if it does or not.

I should be finished the scarf this weekend. I have only been knitting on it here and there (usually no more than a half hour at a time - maybe the odd hour) because I've been busy with school work. Since this is a quick and easy knit (pattern is easily memorized), it shouldn't be too long before I'm finished with it. I'll definitely post a picture when it's completed.
Well, better be off and get some more reading for class done. Tomorrow I have three classes, and then none on Friday - which reminds me, I need to check my email to see if they've got me placed at a school yet to do the observation part of my teacher's training...

Happy knitting!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A New Knit

Edited to add: Want to check out great books you might be interested in reading? Check out the book reviews I have at my writing blog: Ink Scrawls. Click here to read all about lots of fabulous books! Oh, and please leave some comments there too :o).

Now, on to the knitting content...

I did a lot of homework yesterday - mostly reading, trying to keep on top of things so I don't get too bogged down later on. So, as a little reward to myself, I picked up my knitting needles and some yarn. I felt like working on something for the mitten tree at church (which will be up towards the end of November) and wanted something that was somewhat mindless and quick - you know, instant gratification and whatnot.

What I chose was this (see above). It's the Two Weeknights With Warrick Worsted Wave Scarf by Karin Bole. The link will take you to the pattern at Ravelry.

The yarn I'm using is some that I got when I was in Korea. It's called Finance and reminds me of Noro Kuryeon. The colourway is number 176 and is 45g/115m. It recommends to use 4.0mm - 4.5mm needles, so I'm using 4.0mm on my scarf. I made a little change in the pattern in that I cast on 38 stitches instead of the 26 called for, since I thought it would look a little too narrow with the 26.

The pattern is super duper easy and is going quite quickly. I'm sure if I used 4.5mm or even 5.0mm needles it would fly by even quicker. What you see is what I got done in probably a total of two hours...maybe a tad bit more time, but not too much.

The other day I also purchased a couple of knitting magazines. One in particular (the Vogue Knitting one)I was wanting to get because of this post at Brooklyn Tweed. These mittens look so cool! Apparently they aren't a quick knit - and one can tell from just looking at the picture they aren't - but I wanted to give them a try at some point - hopefully sometime in the not too distant future!

But, for now I'd better get back to working on some homework so I can reward myself later on with a little knitting on the scarf again. Happy knitting!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stash Enhancers

The other day when I posted about the toddler socks, I forgot to mention my latest stash enhancers. Can't believe I did that! So, here is a little post just for that!

First up, I have my August purchase from the Robyn's Nest sock club. The yarn is a reddish colour (I honestly had trouble deciding if it was a dark pink or red. Some of the yarn looks closer to pink, while some looks red...regardless of how you'd classify the colour, I think it's pretty). It's from Tanis Fiber Arts, is hand dyed and feels nice and soft and squishy. The pattern is called Mathematical Equation, and was designed by Robyn herself! Looks like a great pattern Robyn, good job on designing it! There are also 2 stitch markers included as well (in red to match the yarn).
The next item to show is 2 balls of Reynolds Fusion, colour #22. It's a blend of mohair, acrylic, and wool. I think this will more than likely become a scarf. Also, there were two patterns, one for socks and the other for the Pea Pod baby set. There was a cute little cow (which I forgot to include in the picture...silly me) and some lollipop suckers which I love and were long gone before I got the picture taken. This was my prize from Robyn's contest she had a little while back - guess the number of meat balls on the plate. Thanks so much for the wonderful prize Robyn!
I haven't been doing much knitting lately. I have a feeling my knitting may suffer (again) this year. Though school has just started and we haven't done a whole lot yet, things will start to get busy soon. I have the first assignment due tomorrow and then nothing until Monday, but then soon after that, things will start happening. There is also going to be group work, so other than one class, we haven't been put into our groups yet. With the group work will come meetings and what not to get our presentations and lesson plans done up, so that will eat up time as well.
I have no classes on Fridays, but that will be the day I'll do the observation part of my training. I will be starting that soon - it could take a week, or a month or somewhere in between to get placed so that could start as early as next week. Once I finish that, I'll have to start the teaching part of the training. I will more than likely be doing that Fridays next semester as well because I don't have classes then either.
But, I know I'll need to take some down time here and there so I don't crack. I am hoping that knitting will be a part of that and that it won't be just sitting or lying in front of the tv all the time. I find knitting relaxing, so hopefully I will do that to relax.
Anyway, must head off and get some lunch now. My next class starts in about an hour so I need to eat and change (did I mention I have four hours between my two classes on Wednesdays? I just come home for that time...but I'm sure there will be times I have to get together with a group or something at some point) so I won't be late. Thankfully, I don't live to far away from the school so I don't have to deal with a lot of traffic!

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hello Again!

Hello again! I am back. Thank you for your condolences on the death of my father. It's still hard to believe he is gone. I have been pretty good, but have had some moments lately where I feel quite saddened by his death. I'm sure it will be some time before things will seem "normal" again - or at least we'll have o create a new "normal" now.
I have done a little bit of knitting, though in all honesty, not too much. While my dad was in the hospital, I got a pair of baby socks knit and a pair of toddler socks as well. There was a problem with the baby socks, however. I think I either knit one tighter than the other, or I accidentally skipped a few rows in the foot of the sock, because one of them is slightly bigger than the other. When I put them together, it's noticeable so I will either have to make 2 more socks to match, or just use the others as Christmas tree ornaments or something. Because I was too ashamed of this gross error (or not so gross), I didn't bother to take a picture of those ones.
For these toddler socks, I used my 2.7mm bamboo needles I bought in when I was in South Korea with Knit Picks yarn (oh my gosh, I'm having a senior's moment or something - can't recall the name of the yarn!) and the colourway, I believe is called "Crayon". I've had this yarn in my stash for a couple of years now and decided to use it once I got back home to Canada. The pattern is the Baby to Toddler Sized Socks by Miriam L. Felton (I love this pattern!). The pattern is linked to the one on Ravelry.

In the last couple of weeks, I've worked on another pair of toddler socks in the same yarn as the first pair, since I had enough left over from the skein of the first pair. I finally finished the second of those socks last night. These may look like the first pair (making it seem like I'm counting the same pair twice), but rest assured, they are different.
The first pair I made, I gifted to my cousin for her little fellow. She loved them (as did her mom and her grandmother, my aunt). My aunt was telling me last night that my cousin's son was sitting on the floor trying to put them on (he's not quite 2 yet) and wasn't getting angry, but just couldn't figure out how on earth to put these things on! Hopefully they'll fit him. My cousin said they would, though. The second pair I am planning on putting on the "mitten" tree at church this Christmas. Which reminds me, I need to get cracking and make some more socks and mittens, etc. since I don't really have anything (other than a pair of baby socks and a pair of toddler socks) as I haven't been knitting for that while in Korea.

Well, university started up this week and it looks like I'm going to have a pretty full plate this time around. I'm taking six courses each semester, and I'll be starting my observation in a classroom next month (I think). I have no courses on Friday's so I think that is when I'll choose to do my observation and teacher training. I'm also hoping (providing I have the finances) to take part in their program where I will be able to do part of my teacher training here, and part of it in Australia! I need to find out more about it, however - particularly how much it's going to cost. Also with school, we have a lot of group work, presentations, lesson plans, etc. to do and that will take up a lot of my time. I hope I'll have some down time so I can knit and read and whatnot!
Well, I'd better go and start on some homework. For my literacy class we have to write a 4-5 page essay/report on our own literacy memoirs. The prof said it is due next class, but the syllabus says it's due Sept. 15. I have this class on Monday, and I want to get it done for then just in case. If I get to class and find out we don't need it done that day, then I can go over it and revise it (if need be) for the actual due date. If I don't need to, then that is one assignment I will have done and won't have to worry about.
I'll leave you with a picture I took of one of my mom's dahlias (I really love this particular flower). She's got some gorgeous flowers growing in her garden. Her and dad have been into growing dahlias for the last several years and I think they are so beautiful.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I will not be posting for a little while (maybe only a week or two) due to my father's death. His death as expected, but not quite this soon. In the end he passed quickly with family by his side.

I will be back sometime in the next few weeks.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I'm coming home early! I was able to leave and book a ticket to come home tomorrow, Sunday the 10th. I'll arrive the same day in my hometown, but I'll have been travelling nearly 24 hours. Gotta love time zones!

My dad is doing a little better. They've got his kidney situation straightened out for now and he's been keeping his food down...though he's just on liquids right now. Some times, before, he couldn't even keep those down. The nurse told my brother that part of the reason Dad might not have been keeping food down was because of so much fluid build-up.

Anyway, must go finish getting ready. I am heading out to Seoul today for some last minute shopping. I'm staying there over night because it's much closer to the airport, and since my flight leaves in the morning I wouldn't be able to get transportation from my town to the airport early enough.

The next time I write, I'll be back in Canada! See/Talk to you then!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quick Post

Just a quick post. Things aren't going so well for me lately. I've been under a lot of stress the last 22 hours or so.

Earlier this year my dad was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. He's undergone radiation and chemo for it, and we thought things were getting better. I've written a little update over on my other blog, Confirm The Work Of Our Hands. Please click the link and read (it takes you right to the post). I'd appreciate any and all prayers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not Much Happening - Really...

The weather here in Yesan has become a little hotter with each passing day - and quite humid as well. Pretty soon it will get unbearable hot - at least for a pale western girl like myself. Thankfully my apartment has air conditioning, otherwise I might melt.

This week we've had some hot, humid days, but we've also had several rainy days. Last Saturday I ventured out to Seoul with a friend. My express purpose was to buy some souvenirs for family members for when I return back to Canada in a little over a month. Unfortunately, the day was rather rainy. When we got to Insadong (keep in mind that while I've been hear nearly a year now, I still don't know how to spell the names of places correctly in's so confusing, especially when you see various spellings for them) which is a popular tourist place in Seoul. Usually they have vendors outside with their wares on tables in front of their stores. You can look and buy stuff from the tables, or go inside to buy things as well. Not on Saturday, however. Saturday it was POURING rain. There weren't too many people in the area, so that was good that I didn't have to fight crowds. I got some lovely things which I should take some pictures of...I haven't right now, though (and some of the things were gift wrapped so I have to wait if I want to take pics of those things).

Also it poured rain on Sunday, though earlier in the day it wasn't as bad. I went with a couple of friends out for smoothies. We got soaked. Literally. And we had umbrellas. However, the reason we got so wet was that it was also very windy. The wind picked up after we got part way down the street though. We're not sure but we think maybe it could have been the tail end of a hurricane or typhoon passing in the area (they don't typically get hit by these things, just tail ends). As we were going into the building - ok, I managed to get into the building but my friends were a little behind me and were still outside - there was this loud banging sound and we weren't quite sure what it was. I thought maybe lightning had struck the building or something (not that we had seen any), but it turns out that a tree had either been rooted up or a big branch had broken away from the tree and crashed into the building.
It's also been raining the last couple of days, but not as bad. Yesterday evening there was a reprieve and I got to go out for awhile to pick up something to eat for supper. It's still looking rainy today, though I don't know if it's raining now or not. The two pictures above are taken out of the only window in my apartment. Not much of a view. The second picture is a little blurry on the left due to the screen and the angle of the camera.
So, a couple of weeks ago I got what will be my last yarny purchase while I'm here in Korea. I ordered it from the Loopy Ewe, naturally. All my future purchases (though there won't be many in the next year since I'm going back to school and won't be working, neither will I have a student loan - I'm footing the bill this time so money will be scarce) will be sent to me in Canada.

Anyway, I got two patterns: Maple Leaves Scarf and Circle of Friendship Socks, both by HeartStrings. I have had my eye on the Circle of Friendship Socks for a long time and finally decided to get them. I think I might make them as a gift for someone - and of course for myself.

The yarn I got is Chameleon ColourWorks Bambino in the black cherry colourway (same colourway as the baby socks in the previous post, only this yarn isn't the Evolution) and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Georgetown colourway (another colourway I've had my eye on forever).

I haven't done much in the way of knitting lately. I just haven't felt like it. I hope the mojo comes back soon though. I've been doing some writing on the novel I've been working on, so that could be where all my creativity has been going. I have worked more on the sock I've been working on. It seems to have turned into one of those socks you work on now and then. I'm not too far from the toe decreaces though. You'd think being that close to the end I would just plug away at it and then start the second one. I'd like to get the pair done before I leave Korea though.

Well, this has turned into one of those long posts that really talks about nothing, so I'd better end here. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting lots more knitting done than I am!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quickest FO

Tonight I finished my quickest FO ever...I think. I started a pair of baby socks on Friday and finished it up earlier this evening. Gotta love these quick knit projects!
To the right you will see a picture of the finished product. They are acutally a little darker than the picture because it was dark outside when I took the photo and didn't have natural light. In other words, I had to use the flash.
OK, here are the stats:
Pattern: Baby to Toddler Sized Socks by Miriam L. Felton (pattern on Ravelry)
Yarn: Chamelion Colorworks Evolution
Colourway: Black Cherry
Needles: Crystal Palace 2.0 mm (US 0) bamboo DPNs
Time taken to knit: 2 days
This pattern is so quick and easy to knit, and I'll definitely be using it again! I also loved working with this yarn. It's so very soft! I'll be using this yarn again in the future as well.
I took a break from the other socks I was working on to knit these baby socks. I do have more of it done though, and am about to start the heel flap on it. I am still on the first sock though, so not a whole lot of progress on that one yet.
Not much else to say. School is finished the 18th of July, then we have a week off before we do a week of Summer Camp. Still don't know if I'll be working the first week or so of school when it starts up in August or not. I guess I'll find out the closer it gets to the time.
Heading off now. Happy knitting, all!
P.S. Ten weeks from today I'll be flying home! Woot!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's All About The Socks

Finally, I finished the Wollmeise Socks I'd been working on. I really enjoyed the pattern and the results. I would definitely make this pattern again! It's a very simple pattern, and very easy to memorize. Please ignore the laundry basket in the picture with the sweater hanging over the side. This was the first time I'd used the timer on my camera and had no idea it was in the shot. But, I suppose it was bound to be since I'm in the little laundry area of my apartment. It's not very wide, and not very big. But, since I wanted some natural light for my picture, this was the only place to go since this is where the only windows in the apartment are. To the right of the picture is the set of doors going into my apartment.
About ten days ago, the first graders (and their teachers) at the middle school I teach at had a field trip to one of the theme parks in Seoul. It's the same one we went to last semester with the second graders at the school. At this time, however, the second graders were on a three day field trip down towards the southern part of the country. As well, the third graders were at another theme park. Anyway, the park we went to is called Seoulland. It's ok, but nothing to brag about in my opinion.
On the bus ride to and from Seoulland, I started (and worked on) another sock. I didn't take the Wollmeise socks because I didn't want to mess up the pattern - and trust me, with thirty odd number of boys on the bus, that would be highly possible. Anyway, here's the new sock I've begun:
It's just a simple, plain knitted sock because I wanted some mindless knitting to do on the bus. The yarn I'm using is Lorna's Laces in the Flamingo Stripe colourway. So far I'm enjoying this yarn, and find it nice and soft to work with. I wasn't sure what to expect with the stripes, and must admit that I thought they'd be wider. I'm totally fine with it being single row stripes though.

I haven't been doing much knitting for awhile because my left shoulder/neck has been bothering me. It had felt like I got a kink in it that wouldn't go away. I think it was the muscle though, and it was bothering me for about nine days when I decided that maybe I should try the accupuncture again. Some of the other teachers were mentioning that it might help. Now, I had accupuncture on my lower back when I first got here and didn't have any problems with it (aside from discovering through it somehow that I was allergic to the "heat" patches I'd been know, the kind with adhesive on the back that you put on like a bandaid and it has stuff in it that "heats" up the location where you place it), so I thought I'd give it another go. I went twice and it did seem to help - the entire procedure though, not just the accupuncture.

First I had the accupuncture done, and they stuck about 15 pins/needles (not sure what you call them) in my back/shoulder area, as well as 4 in my right hand in various places, and one in my right foot. Then they attached some kind of electrical impulse thing to some of them and put the heat lamp (or ultraviolet lamp) on the area. After about 20 minutes they took them out and then I had a very hot pad type thing wrapped on the area. That helped to soothe and relax the muscles. After that they hooked up little suction things for about 5 minutes. There were tubes and they would suck the air out of them with this little contraption. I' don't remember the name of the procedure, but apparently is sucks the "bad blood" out....umm, ok. After they took them off, I was left with about 4 or 5 hickey-like marks on my shoulder blade and up towards my shoulder. My favourite part came last. They attached little suction cup things to the area and turned it on - it was a massage! I don't know what is in it - it if is some sort of little prongs, or water, or what...but it was soooooooooooo relaxing!

Anyway, my shoulder/neck area is feeling a lot better, though since I did some knitting and computer work today, I'm starting to feel the area tighten up. I'll have to apply some heat or something to it to loosen up the muscles again. It's not bad, but if I'm not careful, it might end up that way. I don't want to take any chances.

So, I'm off now to do some writing and work on lesson plans for this week. There are only about 5 weeks of school left now, and the last two are after exams. I really don't know why, but they make the kids go to school for 2 weeks AFTER they finish writing their final exams. Makes no sense to me. Oh well.

Happy Knitting!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not Much...

...going on here in South Korea at the moment. I've been slowly working on the second of the Wollmeise socks and have just finished the gusset and about to start the foot. Other than that, I've not done any knitting.

Since Saturday, I've managed to come down with a cold - par for the course for me. I also managed to lose my voice and woke up yesterday morning with none at all. I got to school and went to tell one of my coteachers (who I'd been teaching with that morning) and she went and got permission for me to go back home to rest. I also stayed home today to rest my voice (and myself). I have a bit more of my voice back, but it's cutting in and out.

I keep looking at my recent yarn purchases. I want so much to pull out all the new yarn and start new socks...but I'm limited with my needles here so I can't really do that...unless I make just one sock from each skein from different patterns and then go back later and do the second sock...but I don't want to do that. I also want to start in on the shawl pattern I ordered from the Loopy Ewe in one of my last orders...but I'm holding off because I don't have the right size needles the pattern calls for...I think my knitting has suffered because I don't have my trusty rocking chair to sit in and knit. That is where I do all my knitting when I'm at home in Canada - my rocking chair. I've really missed that since I've been here. I really don't know how I've managed this long without one. I'm soooo looking forward to being able to sit and rock when I get back!

Well, I have just a little over three months til I head back home to Canada. I think some of my yarn will pad my suitcase nicely so that if I have any breakables it should help to cushion them, lol. I will be going home with a lot more yarn than I arrived with...but isn't that the life of a knitter/yarnaholic? My friend Sarah and I are planning a little excursion to Japan (our friend Lorie might go with us too) some time before we leave for Canada, maybe in July or August. I'm really hoping to find a yarn shop when there and get some yarn to pad my suitcase with as well.

So, like I said, there isn't much going on here at the moment. The boys at school are driving me insane and I swear under all this dye, my hair must be totally grey from the stress they give me. I'm convinced they take a class in how to annoy and not respect your foreign English teacher...they are little hellions (well, not all of them, but the majority of them) quite often. But, I will not worry about that; I will focus on the fact that school is nearly done and then I'll have a week or so of summer camps to teach and then some time off and then head home!

Not much else to say, other than I'm looking forward to starting my B.Ed. courses in the fall when I get back home. It will be a lot of work though, but I'm sure I'm being prepared for that with this current job in Korea.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

One Plus One...

...does not always equal two!

This past Thursday I finished the first of my Wollmeise socks, and I must say I am quite pleased with it. Even though it is loose on the sock blocker and looked like it might be rather loose on my foot/leg, it seemed to fit fine...though maybe when I wear them it will be different. But, I'm not worried; I just might have to pull them up a little more often. I have enjoyed working on this sock, and really can't wait til I finish the second one - but that requires to at least start the second one. No, lest you think I am suffering (or about to suffer) from the dreaded SSS - or second sock syndrome - no, that is not the case. I will be casting on for the other sock tomorrow, hopefully.

I had also started (about the same time as I started the Wollmeise socks) a pair of Ainsley Socks (my pattern). They are baby socks. Well, I finished the first one this afternoon and part of it looks great. I discovered a mistake in the pattern which seemed to work fine the first time around, but this time there was one extra stitch in the pattern for the top of the foot. Half of the foot pattern looks fine, the rest doesn't quite match up. So, for the second sock I will not put that one stitch in and see how it looks. I don't think it's too bad any rate, I'll have to go back to my pattern on here after I finish the second one (just to make sure I hadn't made a mistake on this particular sock) and correct the pattern.

One thing I noticed, is that with the size of the sock and the pattern, the colours tended to "pool" (for lack of a better word...though it's not really pooling). Part of the colours (mostly the blue and pink) are on the back of the leg, while the other ones (the greenish/yellowish and blue) tended to be on the front. Doesn't look overly bad though, but it would have been nicer to have had more of a mix throughout.
Anyway, I've been working on my writing some today after finishing the first of the Ainsely socks. I had started working on a novel before I left Canada but haven't done much since arriving in Korea. It's not that I haven't had the time because, believe me, I have. I've just been lazy with it. Well, that and being tired a lot doesn't help either. So, today I decided to pull it out and work on it some more. I found 3 sheets of handwritten pages I had done last semester and typed them onto my new lap top. The rest of my novel is on the old lap top and I need to charge it up and copy it onto my USB key (or whatever those things are called).
Going to head off for now. Hope you all have a great weekend, and happy knitting!