Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not Much Happening - Really...

The weather here in Yesan has become a little hotter with each passing day - and quite humid as well. Pretty soon it will get unbearable hot - at least for a pale western girl like myself. Thankfully my apartment has air conditioning, otherwise I might melt.

This week we've had some hot, humid days, but we've also had several rainy days. Last Saturday I ventured out to Seoul with a friend. My express purpose was to buy some souvenirs for family members for when I return back to Canada in a little over a month. Unfortunately, the day was rather rainy. When we got to Insadong (keep in mind that while I've been hear nearly a year now, I still don't know how to spell the names of places correctly in's so confusing, especially when you see various spellings for them) which is a popular tourist place in Seoul. Usually they have vendors outside with their wares on tables in front of their stores. You can look and buy stuff from the tables, or go inside to buy things as well. Not on Saturday, however. Saturday it was POURING rain. There weren't too many people in the area, so that was good that I didn't have to fight crowds. I got some lovely things which I should take some pictures of...I haven't right now, though (and some of the things were gift wrapped so I have to wait if I want to take pics of those things).

Also it poured rain on Sunday, though earlier in the day it wasn't as bad. I went with a couple of friends out for smoothies. We got soaked. Literally. And we had umbrellas. However, the reason we got so wet was that it was also very windy. The wind picked up after we got part way down the street though. We're not sure but we think maybe it could have been the tail end of a hurricane or typhoon passing in the area (they don't typically get hit by these things, just tail ends). As we were going into the building - ok, I managed to get into the building but my friends were a little behind me and were still outside - there was this loud banging sound and we weren't quite sure what it was. I thought maybe lightning had struck the building or something (not that we had seen any), but it turns out that a tree had either been rooted up or a big branch had broken away from the tree and crashed into the building.
It's also been raining the last couple of days, but not as bad. Yesterday evening there was a reprieve and I got to go out for awhile to pick up something to eat for supper. It's still looking rainy today, though I don't know if it's raining now or not. The two pictures above are taken out of the only window in my apartment. Not much of a view. The second picture is a little blurry on the left due to the screen and the angle of the camera.
So, a couple of weeks ago I got what will be my last yarny purchase while I'm here in Korea. I ordered it from the Loopy Ewe, naturally. All my future purchases (though there won't be many in the next year since I'm going back to school and won't be working, neither will I have a student loan - I'm footing the bill this time so money will be scarce) will be sent to me in Canada.

Anyway, I got two patterns: Maple Leaves Scarf and Circle of Friendship Socks, both by HeartStrings. I have had my eye on the Circle of Friendship Socks for a long time and finally decided to get them. I think I might make them as a gift for someone - and of course for myself.

The yarn I got is Chameleon ColourWorks Bambino in the black cherry colourway (same colourway as the baby socks in the previous post, only this yarn isn't the Evolution) and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Georgetown colourway (another colourway I've had my eye on forever).

I haven't done much in the way of knitting lately. I just haven't felt like it. I hope the mojo comes back soon though. I've been doing some writing on the novel I've been working on, so that could be where all my creativity has been going. I have worked more on the sock I've been working on. It seems to have turned into one of those socks you work on now and then. I'm not too far from the toe decreaces though. You'd think being that close to the end I would just plug away at it and then start the second one. I'd like to get the pair done before I leave Korea though.

Well, this has turned into one of those long posts that really talks about nothing, so I'd better end here. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting lots more knitting done than I am!