Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something To Keep Little Feet Warm

Size 2-4 socks
 I've had these finished for a few weeks now, but just never got around to posting a pic.

I used the flash in the picture, so the colours don't like quite right. They are deeper and darker in "real life".

The yearn is Patons Kroy Socks (stripes) in the "Mulberry Stripes" colourway. I was unsure at first if I would like this colour combination (well, at least with the brown thrown into the mix), but I think they look quite nice.

The stripes don't match up - they are fraternal twins, but that's OK too. I just hope whoever gets them doesn't mind! I will be adding these to my collection of knits that will go on the church mitten tree at Christmas.

I've started in on another pair of socks (same pattern and size). I'm only on the first sock yet, and I'm just about to start on the heel flap. I haven't really been in the knitting mood much, but from time to time I will knit a couple of rows. I've been feeling like knitting something else though - not sure what though. I've thought of doing yet another hat, but haven't started it. Thought using larger needles and bigger yarn would be nice after working on the socks.

I've also been thinking about knitting a shawl, but to be honest, that scares me. It would be small yarn again and lace - which I wouldn't be able to work on in front of the TV (which is where I tend to do most of my knitting). I've marked a few patterns on Ravelry that I'd like to try, so maybe I'll at least attempt it. I was thinking of making a shawl as a gift, and of course, one for me. I'd also be scared that I wouldn't get it finished for a long time. I don't know. I see so many beautiful shawls on Ravelry and on blogs, and I would like to try one...maybe I should just bite the bullet and start one and see how it goes.

What are you currently working on? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Knitting With Julia Roberts

Saw this on Facebook (via Knit Picks) and just had to share!