Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Spinning!

Latest spinning completed July 11, 2015
I was up visiting my mom in the hospital again this past weekend, and of course I brought some spinning and knitting with me.

To the right is a photo of the completed spinning (light blue, navy, and purple).  It's the same type of fibre as the pink/purple in a previous post.  There was no mention of how much was in the wool top, nor was there mention of the type of fibre.
I managed to get this spun better than the pink/purple spinning, but there are still a few fat spots.  Overall I am pleased with the results.  I don't think I will ply this since I'm not sure how much I have, though I'm thinking I may use it for a scarf...if there is enough.  I alter it with the pink/purple spinning and then I may have enough for something.

Up next will be the pink roving I mentioned in the last post.

I should also get a photo taken of what I'm knitting (a neck warmer) to post here as well.

Happy knitting/spinning!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

And, The Spinning Continues...

I finished plying part of the yarn I had been spinning.  It's just a small ball (I didn't have my ball winder with me and that's why it's not a centre pull ball).  I still have some left to do, but I need to wind it into two centre pull balls so I can ply it together.

Close up of some of the plied yarn
Once I plied, I soaked it and wound it around my arm and hand, tied it in a couple of places and tied a mug to one end to help it set.  While it's not the best spinning, I'm still pretty proud of my accomplishment.

Since I didn't have my ball winder with me last week when I went to stay with Mom, I couldn't finish plying the rest of the yarn.  I had taken some wool top with me to spin just in case I had time for it (which I did).
I don't know what kind of wool it is, nor do I know how much many ounces there were (or even a colourway).  The tag around the wool top didn't say much of anything.  I don't mind though.

I was able to get more consistency this time, though there are still a few fat areas that didn't get spun as small as the rest.  All in all, I like the job I did with this much better.
Close up of the most recent spinning

I think I'm starting to get the hang of spinning...

I don't know how much yarn I ended up with, but it doesn't seem like a whole lot. I don't think I'm going to ply this as I would end up with less than what is showing, and maybe not have enough to knit anything with.  I don't know if I have enough to knit anything with this either, but I'll see what happens in the future when I knit it up.

I've got some of the same wool top in blues that I will spin next.  Hopefully, I will get this blue spun up quickly.  I found some pink roving that I won a few years back through a contest on a knitting/spinning blog (I don't know which one now, but I'm sure I have it listed in a post from whenever it was), and I will spin that after the blues.  Whenever that is completed, I will have to get more roving as I won't have any more.

Off to wind the pink/purple yarn into a centre pull ball!

Happy knitting/spinning!