Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, I am finally back from my awesome trip to Egypt. We flew in on Monday evening and I've been trying to get reaccustomed to the Korean time zone, which is seven hours ahead of the Egyptian time zone.
I had a great time, and never imagined that I would ever visit Egypt. I think of the whole trip my two favourite places we visted were the pyramids and sphinx in Giza, and climbing to the top of Mount Sinai. Here is one of the pyramids in Giza. It was so amazing to actually be standing in front of something I had only ever seen in magazines or on TV. I got a couple of pictures where I am standing on one of the rocks used in the the pyramids. Let me tell you, those things are HUGE!

We decided to visit the pyramids/sphinx via camel. What an experience that was! I actually enjoyed this even though it was rather awkward at first. It's much easier when they are walking on the sand than when they were walking on pavement (we had to go from the camel renting place down a couple of small roads before we got to the entry way to the desert to go to the pyramids).
There is so much to tell about this trip that I don't know where to begin or what to say. I will be blogging about it on my other blog soon though and will try to put other pictures there too. I'll also be posting all (or the majority) of the nearly 500 pictures I took on facebook, so if you are on there you can see them as well (if you are on facebook, feel free to add me as a friend and just let me know who you are).

I didn't take any knitting with me because I didn't want to take the chance at not being allowed to bring it on the plane. I had checked out the website for the airline we flew on (Emirates Air) but there was nothing I could find that said yes or no to bringing knitting needles on the plane. It's been so long since I picked up my knitting - since way back in January - and as soon as I am rested up I'll pick them up again. The only problem is school starts back up on Monday...

Ok...this is just a little tease of a post. As I said, more pics are up on Facebook, and I'll be blogging about the trip more in detail on my other blog...just give me a day or so to start doing that (will try to do this tomorrow). I'm actually starting to feel tired now and I want to go to bed so I can try to get myself back on schedule so I won't be up all night and try to teach the next day without sleep. I'll be back again very soon to tell you a little more about the trip.