Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I've Been MIA

I've been MIA again, as you have seen.  The reason for this is that I relocated from one side of the country back to the other.

I am finally settled in my new domain. Sort of.  I'm in the process of looking for work here, but I do have a place to live.

I've been doing some knitting this summer and have made a few scarves (that seems to be my theme this year - one year it was socks, another mittens, an another was hats), and I am in the process of working on two in my new place.  I promise to post some pictures of these once I locate my needle to sew in the ends and then block them.

One of the new scarves I'm working on is the Old Shale pattern.  I got this pattern free (I've also seen it on Ravelry for free) with the purchase of the yarn I'm using on the pattern.  This yarn is Debbie Bliss Angel Prints (don't have the colour number with me at the moment) and is 70% mohair and 24% silk.  I've never worked with this yarn before, but so far I am enjoying it - even though its very fine.  I can really only work with this yarn in the daylight or if I have very good lighting at night.  As with the others, once I'm able to I will post a picture of this scarf.

For now, I'll keep this post short. Hopefully I'll be able to get these scarves totally completed and photographed soon so that I can share.

Happy knitting!