Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Sock Yarn Blanket Progress

Just wanted to write a quick post with an update photo of my mitred square sock yarn blanket.  Really, it's all I've been knitting lately.

I have been looking after my mom since the beginning of August.  When I started this blanket, I was still looking after her. I knit on it most every day, but had a handful of days where we travelled to Halifax and I didn't bring it along.

My mom has been in the hospital for the past week and I have brought my blanket and yarn with me. I'd pick five or six skeins/balls of yarn to use and bring those as well.  I have had several comments on how pretty the blanket is.  Some of the nurses wondered how I make it, so naturally I told them.  Also, the pharmacist that came to talk to mom and I about her pills said she knits and would love to have a project like this to work on. I told her how I am making this and that she can find the pattern on Ravelry. She wrote it down and hopefully I have created another mitred square sock yarn addict enthusiast!

My total squares, as of yesterday (Nov. 3), was 120.  Since then I've added two or three more squares (I forget) and might add another one this evening - if I don't find the lighting too bad.

I have been thinking lately that I should also work more on my spinning. I've been missing that. I should also work on my Larch scarflette so I can wear it this winter.

Anyway, I am getting tired and if I want to knit some, I should get off here.

Happy knitting!