Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Mittens

I knit these thumbless baby mittens up over the weekend.  I used the same yarn & needles as I did for the mittens in the previous post.  The pattern can be found here, and instead of an i cord, I just crochet a long chain (maybe a little too long, but at least it can be tied to shorten it - better too long than too short) so the mittens won't be lost.  Hopefully the chain will stay attached!

This pattern is done on two needles and sewn up the sides, however I just used my DPNs.  Wherever the pattern called for purling, I just did knitting.  These are a quick knit and I will be making more - especially since I still have more of this yarn left!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Toasty Hands

I finally finished the kids mittens I had been working on.  It's not that the pattern is difficult or anything like that, I just kept putting it off or when I wanted to knit, I would get a call to go in and teach that morning for a full day.  I could have taken them with me to work on at lunch or recess, but to be honest, when I'd get a call in the morning while getting ready "just in case", taking my knitting along was the last thing on my mind.

At any rate, these are finally finished - hooray!  In the photo I used the flash, so the colour appears lighter/brighter than they actually are.  They are more darker in reality (the flashless photo didn't turn out too well).  I used 4.0mm DPN needles (or are they 4.5?), and the yarn is Phentex Dynasty (100% acrylic), worsted weight, in the Dark Aqua colourway.  This yarn was something I had in my stash from some time back, and I wanted to get it used up.

These are going on the mitten tree at the church.  So far it's the only pair of mittens I have knit up for the tree, but I do have the other scarves and hats I made as well.  I've just printed out another pattern from Ravelry that has some baby, toddler and other size mittens as well, and since I've got more yarn left over, thought I might make some of the infant/toddler size for the mitten tree as well.  Hopefully I'll finish these ones quicker than I did the ones in the photo!

Happy knitting!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Tissue Packet Sweater

I started a pair of mittens (child's size) not long after I finished the hat in the previous post.  However, I have not finished them yet.  I have one mitten done, and nearly all the cuff on the second one.  They don't take too long once I get past the ribbing, so you would think I'd just sit and work on them.  I'll be sure to post a photo of them when I finished knitting them.

Last night I started a sweater for a tissue packet.  I used the pattern here and found it to be very quick and easy to make.  It was late when I started it, so I finished it a little while ago.

Here is my finished product.  I used left over yarn (some that I bought when I was in Australia) from the hat I finished not long ago.

A quick, easy, and cute project that I recommend making.  I'm actually thinking of making a few of these as little "gifts" for friends, though not necessarily for Christmas.