Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stuff Happens

It always seems that when I begin to get back into blogging, something happens which causes long periods of time between posts.

Sometimes these breaks are self-inflicted (meaning I have nothing to blog about due to a lack of knitting or it's due to something work related), and other times they are caused by situations out of my control.

This is one such case.

I've had to to take another temporary break from blogging due to a family situation which requires my full attention.

Don't worry, I have been knitting some while on this break, so hopefully when I'm able to get back into a normal way of life and blogging, I will have something to show for this long absence.

I'm not sure just how long I will be away - maybe a few more weeks, maybe a month or longer.  I hope it's not longer.  But, I am still needed in this situation so I must focus my attention there.  I will be back.  I promise.

Until then, happy knitting and God bless!