Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Baby to Toddler Sized Socks

I finally finished another pair of Baby to Toddler Sized Socks by Miriam L. Felton. I used the same yarn I did in the post a couple prior to this one. I still have tons of the yarn left over and I think I'll probably make a hat or two from the remainder. However, I might retire the yarn into my stash for awhile and make some more of these socks at a later date.

The childrens pair of socks I mentioned in a previous post are still in the works. I am nearly finished with the first sock, but decided to work on this pair first.  I worked all week (except Friday because schools were closed to what had been an impending storm), so I didn't work on them a lot this week, just off and on.

I have also been scanning different patterns on Ravelry and printed out several over the last few days.  Mostly the items were for children or babies, though I did print off a few hat and sock patterns for adults as well.

Up next, I'll probably slowly work at the child's socks that are currently on the needles, and I found a nice baby blanket pattern I might start as well...either that or work on some hats.  Not entirely sure what I will work on though. 

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Two Weeknights With Warrick

On Friday, just moments before the cauldron was light at the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver, I finished binding off the Two Weeknights With Warrick scarf I had been working on.

This is actually the third scarf I've made from this pattern.  It's super easy and quick to knit.  I was telling a friend of my mom's that I was knitting this scarf, and told her that it's the same pattern I used for Mom's scarf (her friend had previously mentioned that she liked Mom's scarf), and she asked how to make it.  I briefly told her, but I don't know if she'll remember how to make it or not.  So, I figured what I would do is give her the copy I had printed out and used.  I can always get it off Ravelry again if I make another one of these scarves.

I used two skeins of Paton's SWS in the Natural Raisin colourway (yarn I had in my stash); needle size was 4.0 mm.  I'm going to add this to the items I will put on the mitten tree at church next Christmas.

I've also been working, on and off, on another pair of baby/toddler socks and children's socks (pattern links in the previous couple of posts).  I've just started the ribbing on the first of a pair of the baby/toddler ones, and I'm on the foot of the child's socks.  There's no real rush for these, so I'm just knitting a few rows every now and then.  When I'm finished, I'll post pics.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

More Socks!

I was a knitting machine this week!  I completed two more pairs of socks - one toddler pair, and one child (size 2-4)!

The first picture is of the toddler socks I made.  It only took me a couple of days to complete them because I wasn't constantly working on them every minute.  The yarn I used was Bernat Sox, but I seem to have thrown out or misplaced the wrapper so I'm not sure of the colourway.  The pattern I used was the same as in the previous post. The yarn you see in the background of the photo is the beginning of the child's socks I finished today.

For the child's socks, I used Knit Picks Parade. I had this yarn in my stash for a few years now.  I'm not sure of the size of needles, but I think they are about 3.0mm or 3.25mm.  I couldn't find my needle gauge that measures the size of the needles.

The little girl I made the child's socks for is not quite two years old.  The size are supposed to be 2-4, so they will be big on her, but she can grow into them at least.  I hope her parents like them!

As for what I will knit next, I'm not really sure. I might continute to make some more baby/toddler socks, or child's socks because the Bernat yarn still has lots left - it is/was a 100g ball I believe. I can definitely make lots more baby/toddler socks with what is left!  I do have the scarf I've been slowly working at for the past year. It would probably be wise to finish that project up!

Other than knitting, I haven't been doing a whole lot. This past November I graduated from university with my Bachelor of Education and got my teaching license.  I've been doing some supply teaching since then, but unfortunately I'm not getting a whole lot of work yet.  I did get one and a half days this past week, which is the most I've had in awhile.  Some weeks I get a day or a half a day, and there have been a couple of weeks where I had no work.  I also applied for a part time job doing ESL work for 3 hours a week.  That was about three weeks ago.  A week after my interview I hadn't heard anything so I emailed the man who did my interview and he said they still had some interviews the following week but they would let everyone know that weekend.  I didn't hear anything that week, and that Friday there had been a snow storm so I thought maybe they had to cancel interviews for that day and maybe they'd have them this past week and decide this current weekend on who they wanted to hire.  If I don't hear anything this weekend, I am going to assume I didn't get the job.  I'm leaving it all up to God though; He's got a plan for me, even if I don't know what it is. I just need to trust Him!

Well, heading off to relax now, and maybe do some more knitting - though I don't know what I'll work at yet.  I'll find something!  Happy knitting!

Monday, February 01, 2010

First FO of 2010!

Finally, I finished a knitting project! I just haven't had much of a knitting mojo for awhile, though from time to time I did do some knitting - just not much. 

I started these last week.  The first sock I started but had set aside until Friday. I started and finished the second sock on Saturday.  The pattern I used was the one I've used in the past to make some baby/toddler socks.  It is the Baby to Toddler Sized Socks by Miriam L. Felton (  I LOVE this pattern - it's so easy and quick to knit!

Yarn used: Paton's Kroy
Colourway: I believe it's charcoal or charcoal gray
Needle size: bamboo 2.0 or 2.25 mm (I got the needles when I was in Korea and it says 2, but they seem a smidgen bigger than 2.0)

I have enough yarn left to make at least one more pair of these socks, and maybe a second pair.  However, I set that yarn aside and picked up something more colourful (I believe it's Bernat Sox, but I don't remember offhand) and started on another pair this size.  I'm to the point of decreasing at the toe area, then I'll kitchener stitch them closed and start the second sock.  I might have a chance to even get to it tonight!

I gifted these socks to a friend from church. She and her husband just had their third child - a little boy, born this past Christmas day!  They are a big on him, but that's OK.  She's going to use them over other thinner socks he has to keep his little feet warm. She also asked if I had time if I could knit another pair up for her daughter (she's nearly two).  I made her daughter and oldes son each a pair last year, but she lost one of the socks belonging to her daughter.  I have to find the right size needles before I can start, but I'm hoping to do those this week. 

Well, I think I will head off and work on those other baby socks and/or search for the needles to make the bigger socks while I have some knitting mojo!  Hopefully I'll get them done soon, and when I do, I'll be sure to post pictures.

Happy knitting!