Monday, January 02, 2006

More Cards

Here are a couple more cards that I made a couple of months ago. They are both baby cards, and can be either for a baby shower or to welcome a new little one...either one is fine as it doesn't say 'shower' on them.

This first one, on the right is pretty simple. It was more or less an experiment. I'm not sure if I like it can definately use more work on the background. I used a solid purple sheet of cardstock and used my 'baby safety pin' rubber stamp and the versa ink stamp pad. The versa ink is really neat as it is a clear ink that you stamp onto dark cardstock (it must be dark or it won't work) to get the image to show in a darker shade of the paper. It's good for background images. Next I took my 'baby and stork' stamp and a blue ink (I think it was water based because when I tried using my water colour pencils on it the ink smudged). I used water colour pencils to colour in the ribbon around the stork's neck, legs and beak, the blanket that the baby is carried in and the baby's face. I then, since the ink ran some in the beak, decided to just apply some water to the outline of the stork and drag it inward some to create a shaded look. Next, I cut out the stork and used a couple of those foam pieces that are used to make the image stand out (make it more 3D), rather than just glued to the paper. I think if the background was different (or done nicer), the card would look much better, but as I said it was mostly just an experiment.

The card on the left was one I made after the above one, and this is the one I actually gave to my cousin's girlfriend when she had their baby. This one is in dark blue (a heart pattern using the Versa Ink is on that piece of paper) with a light blue/purple pocket. As you can see, on the pocket I used the safety pin stamp and coloured it in with my water colour pencils again. I used a non water based ink (in black) this time so that it wouldn't smudge. I glued a piece of light blue eyelet ribbon on top of the pocket just to pretty it up and divide it better.

The 'bookmark' has the stork stamp on it and coloured with the water colour pencils again. I just used white cardstock and trace around a tag to get the shape, and then cut it out. I took more of the same eyelet ribbon and tied in the hole to help decorate it. The nice thing about a card like this is that the bookmark can actually be taken out (it wasn't glued on) and used in a book :o). I didn't print any words or verses on the bookmark, but that is something that could be done as well.

Hope you enjoy these cards. I am hoping to get some more done and scanned to show at some other time, which I will share as well.

I did a lot of knitting last evening and today and I am getting closer to being finished with the multicoloured scarf that I am working on. I am not sure how long I should make it; I am only using one skein of yarn and I need to have some left over for fringe. I don't think it would be quite long enough yet, but there is still enough yarn to keep going for a little longer. When I finish it I will hopefully get a picture taken of it so that I can share it here.

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Rachel said...

Those are both very cute and creative -- especially the bookmark one.