Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hats Off To You!

Preemie Hat
 I had this little hat on the needles for awhile. I was just waiting to get DPNs in the proper size. As it is, the ones I did get were the next size up because I couldn't get the right size. I don't think it affected the pattern or size too much though. I tried to knit tighter, so I think that helped a bit.

The picture's not great, but I don't have anything to put a hat on for a good photo. For this one, I had my mom stick her hand inside and hold hit up that way. I also had to use the flash, so the colours are a little lighter than what the yarn actually is.

The pattern I used was Preemie Hats for Charity by Carissa Knits.  I've used this pattern before - it's quick (because it's so small), and an easy knit.  There are about 4 different alternatives on this pattern print-out - Heart Version, Diamond Version, Striped Version, Ribbed Version. I followed the pattern for the Striped Version, except I kept using the same yearn and didn't alternate with another colour.

This hat will be going in with my other items for the mitten tree at church. I'll definitely be making more of these for the mitten tree. 

I've also been working on my scarf some. I had originally gotten 3 skeins of yarn for the scarf, but since it's made from wool, I think I might just use 2 and then block it to create some length. It's definitely going to need blocking, because the sides curl under. Hopefully it won't take too much longer to get the scarf finished, and blocked, and then get some photos of it up here.

What is your favourite item to knit/crochet/craft? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newfoundland Mittens - Completed!

Finished Newfoundland Mittens
So, for about the last week, I've only had the thumb on the second of the Newfoundland mittens to finish. Every single day I would think about knitting that thumb. Every single day I would pull my knitting bag out and keep in the living room, handy, for when I had the urge to knit. And hoping Tinker Belle wouldn't get into the yarn or pull out a mitten to play with. She loves wool!

This past week, however, I didn't knit. I wanted to knit. But, I just didn't have the energy to do so - even for something as small and simple as finishing the thumb of a second mitten. Something that wouldn't take too long to do.

Tinker Belle & the mittens

I've been tired all week. That's because school started up last week - well, nine days ago now - and I've been getting up at 6:00 every morning, just in case I get a call to teach that day (I want to be prepared so that I won't have to rush and try to shower, dry my hair, and get make-up on with minimal amounts of time. I can't do it. I'm not wired to do it. And that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it). Typically in the run of the day I end up needing (yes, needing) a nap; and those naps can end up being two or two and a half hours! Already today, I've been up close to four hours, and I am dragging and need to go back to bed - and I will at some point.

Last night, while I watched the season premier of Survivor (only the second season I've every watched) with my mom, I pulled out the mittens, the pattern, the required yarn, scissors and tapestry needle, and I knit that thumb. And I finished that thumb! The mittens are now completed!

I used Patons Canadiana yarn in black (main colour) and...well, I'm not sure of the other colour as the wrapper seems to have been discarded. Anyway, that second colour is a nice jewel toned shade, with blue, green, purple, pink repeated. I went to the Patons website to see if I could find it, but didn't see it shown.  The pattern for these Newfoundland Mittens was very easy and quite quick to knit. I enjoyed the time spent knitting these, and will more than likely make more pairs in the future. The Ravelry link for them can be found here.

I really love how these turned out!

With the Patons yarn, I think I used 4.0mm needles (really need to measure them again so that I'll know), and the result was a nice snug fit. I adjusted the thumb a little by picking up stitches to total 22 (including the 7 that were on the holder), knit four rows, then decreased to 18 stitches and finished the thumb.

Up next? I'm not totally sure. I was thinking more mittens (for a child this time), or socks (again for a child - or even more baby/toddler socks). I was also thinking I should finish the scarf I'd started earlier this year, which will no doubt be for me know since I somehow managed to lose my favourite scarf I'd worn for a couple of winters (the one my Scarf Exchange Pal knit for me). I really have no idea where it went to. I had it at school one day in the spring when it was still cold, put it in my bag and by the time I got home, it was missing. I think it must have fallen out - either that or one of the kids stole it. I hate to say that, but with this particular school (a middle school), it's quite possible. So, I will need a new scarf to wear this winter. The pattern is easy, so if I stick to it and not lose my knitting mojo again, I should have it finished in no time. It's already half (or a little more than half) finished.

I'd love for you to leave me a comment and let me know what you are currently working on, or your most recent finished item. Feel free to leave a link to your blog so I can check out your FOs!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Things I Want To Make

I want to make thrummed mittens! I have thought about this type of mitten for a long while, and never felt like I'd be able to make them. Well, after surfing the web and Ravelry, and finding patterns and lots of pics of these mittens, I've decided to make some in the future - like maybe this fall.

I need to wait until I start working again (supply teaching) to get some money as I need to get roving for them. I have one day of teaching booked so far - the second day of school! From what I've been told in the past, the first few weeks of school are pretty slow for supply teachers...not much work. Hopefully I'll get more soon as I am getting low in funds!

Inside of thrummed mitten

Both of the photos on this post were taken from this Ravelry link from the Yarn Harlot. Stephanie's pattern for these cool...or should I say warm...mittens can be found on her blog (scroll down for the pattern).

I will be knitting up some mittens soon, possibly for myself, but we'll see. I'll be doing Newfoundland Mitts by Creative Whimsy. I've go the yarn ready and waiting, now just need to cast on - hopefully later today!