Sunday, September 28, 2008

It Is Finished...And Something Else Started

Well, I got the scarf finished. I haven't blocked it yet - not really sure if I will or not. It's on the shortish side as I only used two balls of the yarn, but I thought that if I do block it that might stretch it out a little. It's still a good size now though.

I really enjoyed this pattern (links to Ravelry), and will make it again for sure.

In other knitting news, I've started a hat using the same yarn I did for the scarf. I had debated on making a feather & fan type hat to match the scarf, but decided against it.

I decided on the Spring Cap by Woolly Wormhead (don't you just love that name?!) and I must say I am really enjoying the pattern. It's easy and it's knitting up quickly. I am making the smallest size and I don't know if it will fit an adult or a teenager. My yarn is different than what is in the pattern and I have no idea if it's the same size of yarn or not. Since my yarn is from Korea (or Japan) there is no indication of the size of yarn that I can see. So, to me it doesn't really matter because I'm not making the hat for me. It will join the mitten tree at church to be donated to charity. I'm going to put a note with it I think, as this hat isn't thick enough (especially with the "lace" work in it) for my opinion. It's more for spring (as the name would probably indicate) or fall. Regardless, I'm sure someone will enjoy having a nice hat to wear on a chilly day.
I'm just about ready to start the crown shaping, so I don't anticipate it taking a lot longer to finish knitting wise. What will interrupt the knitting will be school work. I've got my first presentation (it's a group one) on Tuesday and of course trying to keep on top of the other work so I'm not doing things up a day or two before things are due. I'm trying to use my knitting as a reward - work awhile then do some knitting to relax. The only problem is that I am enjoying this pattern (as I did with the scarf) and want to work at it until it's done!
In other news, hurricane Kyle is heading our way. I think on the weather network they said it's downgraded to a tropical storm, but I'm not totally sure on that. Regardless, they showed it heading straight for our city but it could hit west of us as well. They say that we are expected to get something like 50-100 mm of rain by Monday (tomorrow) morning, and winds will be in excess of 63km/hour. Sorry for those who don't know the metric system - I'm not sure what they convert to...though I think with kilometers and miles you double the kilometer (roughly), though I'm not really sure. It's supposed to hit just before dawn tomorrow.
We don't often get hurricanes but we have gotten tail winds from them and tropical storms. I know Halifax got hit by hurricane Juan about three years ago, and they say that this storm will hit three years to the day that hurrican hit.
It's getting dark out (has been for a little while) so I expect the storm is on its way. It's not raining yet but that will come too. Hopefully things won't be too bad! I'd better head off now and get some more school work done. Happy knitting!


Janice said...

The hat and the scarf are both so lovely!! The colors are great! Hope you have managed to stay dry during your crazy weather!! Fall is here and scarfs, fingerless mitts and handknit socks are back on the bod! Winter can wait a bit.....

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I love the colors in the hat & scarf. So soft looking too. I ready to start wearing a scarf. And that's what I'm knitting for Christmas gifts.

Rachel said...

That's beautiful! The color variations are really nice!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That matching hat is a great idea. The scarf looks great even if it's not blocked!