Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Hat

Last night I managed to complete a baby hat - in about four hours. I was looking for something simple to knit while watching some episodes of Stargate SG-1 (I have the box set). I've been feeling a little stressed for several days due to presentations and whatnot at school, so I wanted to take a little break and relax.

Isn't it cute? It's the Tomato Baby Beanie. I used some Knit Picks Merino Style yarn in Strawberry and asperagus that I had in my stash. I've still got someleft and will be making another one of these tonight (or at least starting it).
I start my teaching observation tomorrow. I'll be in a grade two class and I'm excited about going. I just have to basically observe, make some notes about it and write up a "report" about the different things I've observed, like classroom management, the methods used by the teacher, etc. I'll be there the whole day - well actually, I get to leave when the students do. If the teachers stay past that time (the kids get out about 1:50 I think), I'm not required to stay unless I want to in order to help the teacher if she needs it - like with marking anything, setting up for something the next day, etc. My observation will be 72 hours, and I only go on Fridays because I have classes the rest of the week.

Well, going to head off now and resume my search for some background on a Canadian painting. For my art class I have to do this and do some research on the artist as well and then write a paper about it (two to three pages). Our prof is looking for certain things, like influences, etc. and not triva like when the artist was born and died or stuff like that. I really don't know how I'm going to do this because what I've chosen (the prof said the artist I wanted to choose is great) doesn't give me much detail as to what was going on in the artist's life at the time or why he painted the subject the way he did...might end up having to change it. The paper is due next Thursday, but I've also got a group unit plan due on Wednesday, an individual unit plan due on Tuesday, a critique paper due on Tuesday...and I think, other than that and the art paper, that's it.

I tell you, I can't wait until this week is over. The stress with regard to school will decrease dramatically as I have the bulk of work done already. I chose to get a lot of it over with during the first part of the semester so I wouldn't have everything due all at once towards the end.

So, happy knitting to you all!


Anni said...

gorgeous hat. And good luck with the teaching.

monica said...

that is adorabel you did a fantastic job on the hat,

Hope the teaching observation goes well

Shelley said...

Thanks ladies. The hat is so cute and fun to make - and a pretty quick knit too, since it's a baby hat.

The observation went well. I've written a bit about it on my other blog at

fleegle said...


Ruth said...


Sarah said...

Very cute hat!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting - I'm a big fan of kitchener stitch too though it took me a few gos to feel really happy with it.

lexa said...

Cute hat. :)

Rhonda said...

Those little hats are just so cute!

StitchingNut here.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That tomato hat is super cute. I made an apple one last year for Sean. Those hats are too fun to make!