Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First F.O. of 2007

Ok, to be honest, I didn't knit this completely in 2007. I started it in December but put it aside while I hastily finished my Christmas knitting. I got it out yesterday and finished it - didn't take long either.

Kind of looks like a hat eh? Nope, it's not a hat. Anyone want to offer a guess? Yes, you in the green - the one in the back waving her arms and sounding like Horseshack from Welcome Back Kotter...'s a felted bowl (from the One Skein book). Ok, so you can't really see it so well (it's a side view), but that is because I didn't want to show you the bowl I have on the inside to help shape it. The colours in the second picture are more accurate than in the first. Unfortunately I chose a side with more browns in it, but there is also (as you can see) purple and blue and some green.

I used Lion Brand Wool...forget the colourway because I can't find the wrapper. It's a nice one though. I used size 10mm circular needles for this. I checked it out a little while ago, and I think I should have double stranded the bowl, but I only used one strand. I think if I had double stranded the bowl would be a little more sturdier than it is. However, I think it's not to shabby for a first try (at bowl making, and a second try at felting). I found the Lion Brand Wool felted up very quickly - quicker than the Patons did for the bag I made my friend for Christmas.

I'm still working on the second sock, and I've also started a bag for myself. It's out of Lion Brand Wool as well. I'll post pics when it's done.

Also, in case anyone was wondering, the link in the post below for my Ainsley Sock is the pattern for my November Socks (picture here). Some had asked for the pattern, and I finally got around to posting it. The pattern is right below the previous post, but the link will take you right there if you don't want to scroll down.

Off to do more knitting!


Anonymous said...

I love the bowl. My 1st bowl was only single strand also ... THEN I noticed that two strands works even better. I love the colors in yours.

lexa said...

Felted bowls are on me too long "to do" list. I printed a pattern for one off of someone's blog. I have quite a bit of leftover wool from clogs and mittens. Maybe I'll do some bowls.

godsend said...

Hi Shelley. Just visiting. I knitted that bowl last year too! But I haven't felted it yet. I used a blue colored wool from Lamb's Pride bulky that I had left over. I keep forgetting to throw it in when I do the laundry. And I can't think of anything I would need another container for. I just loved the look of it in the book. You've inspired me though! Maybe I'll try felting it in the sink or something tonight.

Kelly said...

lol I don't know who horseshack or welcome back kotter is but you made me laugh anyway hehe
Cute bowl!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Eew, Eew, Eew! I do remember who Horeshack! LOL

The bowl looks really neat. I've never felted anything (on purpose, anyway! LOL) but would love to try one day.

Thanks again so much for sharing your sock pattern!!

Charity said...

The bowl is great! I haven't yet tried felting, but I so want to! :0)

Jayleigh said...

I LOVE the template on this blog!!! It's soooo vibrant! :-)

I like your bowl. I recently purchased 3 skeins of Lion Brand Classic Wool so I could felt, but I just don't even know what I want to do in the way of projects. Do you have any favorites, and any links to felting?

Quick story: My hubby asked what felting was when I dragged him into the yarn store. I told him, "Remember those times when you washed my sweaters and they shrunk down super tiny and I couldn't ever wear them again?" He said, "Yeah???"

I said, "THAT's FELTING!!! See? You've done it and I haven't! You should teach me!"

Pat said...

Very cool bowl! (MY concern is my kids would probably want to eat cereal out of it!!)
I have only made one felted knitted item (booga bag), but I have SO MUCH feltable yarn and I DO have the one skein book -so????