Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alphabet Meme

Janice tagged me with this Alphabet Meme, so here goes:

The Alphabet Meme:

A - Available or Taken: Available
B - Best Friend: Kristina
C -Cake or Pie: Both
D - Drink of Choice: Diet Pepsi
E - Essential item you use everyday: Computer
F - Favorite Color: Purple
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Both, but I really love sour candy

H - Hometown: Georgetown, Ontario (we moved away when I was 10)
I - Indulgence: Yarn
J - January or February: January – because it's the month in which I was born
K - Kids & ages: Just a 4 legged furry one...Tinker Belle who is almost 9
L - Life is incomplete without: Jesus :o)
M - Marriage Date or Most Memorable Date ( and why): Not married, not sure of a memorable date

N - Number of Siblings: 2 brothers
O - Oranges or Apples: Both

P - Phobias or Fears: Going to the dentist; never getting married; dying alone
Q - Fave Quote: "Yeah....not so much." by me ;o)
R - Reason to Smile: my 3 1/2 year old nephew
S - Season: Summer if it's not too hot...
T - Tag 3 or 4 People: Karen, Monica, Rhonda
U - Unknown fact about me: If I tell you, it won't be unknown ;o)
V - Vegetable you don't like: cooked carrots

W - Worst Habit: procrastination
X - X-rays: One on my ankle, one on my wrist (both when I was in grade 2); one on my neck in 2002 after I rolled my car in a snow storm
Y - Your Fave Food: Chocolate
Z - Zodiac Sign: I was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius (but I don't believe in this stuff)


Anonymous said...

I did this one already, I can't remember which day this month I posted it though. But thanks for tagging me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Site!
BJ Scoggins

Anonymous said...

Okay, this time I'll bite. But only for you ... I don't normally like to THINK this hard, LOL.

Anonymous said...

thanks for playing along :-) It's kind of fun finding out more about my blogging friends!! Wish we could get together for a diet pepsi.....

Susan said...

Good list. I don't like carrots after they have been cooked either!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shelly, just dropped by to say thanks for your comments on my blog. You have some lovely knitted items. Sorry you could not make it to the spinning class. Maybe next time.

Thanks again,

Ann - Knit's Ridiculous