Saturday, April 15, 2006

Whew, What A Relief!

Yup, it sure is a relief...I had enough yarn to finish my first feather & fan sock! I didn't have a whole lot left over, and probably would have had less but I skipped three or four of the straight knit rows in the toe decrease because I was afraid I would run out. But, I tried it on and it fits just fine - nice and snug, but yet doesn't feel too tight on my leg.

So, Sharon's instructions stated that it would fit a lady's medium size foot. My shoe size is 8-8 1/2 and it fits just fine. So, without further ado, here is the completed first feather and fan sock:

Ok, for some reason I thought that was a little bit closer. Oh well, at least you can see it completed ;o). The next picture is a little better. I had to increase the size of the picture posted so that you could see the detail better - that might be why the other one doesn't look as close as it really is.

I'll post the stats on the socks when I actually get the second one completed. Hopefully that won't take me as long to complete now that I know the pattern and that I will have enough yarn. I'll just have to remember to try to match it as close as possible down at the toe section. So, I'll leave you now with a picture I took of the sky when I was out taking the pics of my sock. It's nothing spectacular, but I just happened to like the way it was looking. The clouds are moving in and it will no doubt rain later, which is fine because we need the rain for all the trees and flowers and grass to grow. Happy Knitting!


Ruth said...

yay for finishing the feathers and fan sock!! looks great!!
(p.s. happy easter! =))

Wonderland Knitter said...

Pretty, pretty socks! I love the feather and fan stitch! Where's your fashion model - off sleeping? LOL

Shelley said...

LOL WK...she's not allowed outside, so she probably was off sleeping somewhere! Happy Easter!

Ruth, ty and Happy Easter to you too!

Sharon said...

I love your feather and fan sock, well done.

By the way one of the pairs sold at the market was the feather and fan socks.

lexa said...

Nice sock! I love feather and fan. I have some patterns for f&f socks that I haven't tried yet. I also have one for called Razor Shell socks. It looks similar to f&f, just a little different. Working on a couple of pairs of Mother's Day socks first, though!

Catherine Kerth said...

i love your feather and fan socks! my favorite color too!

Maggie Ann said...

Beautiful pattern and color! I'm all admiration