Saturday, April 22, 2006


Project Spectrum times two. These are two dish cloths that I made (one last night, one this morning/afternoon) for Project Spectrum. Not only is it two items for PS, but because the colours involved are from the March and April colours. March, as you can remember, was pink and red; April is yellow and orange.

Ok, before I got into my explanations, I need to confess. The patterns I used called for 4.5 mm (US 7) needles, but mine were in use with something else. I only have one pair of 4.5 mm so what was I to do? I thought it wouldn't hurt too much if I went up to 5 mm, so that's what I decided to do. It doesn't look too badly, just a little looseish...loosish...loose (whatever the word is). There is also supposed to be a picture of a watering can on it (you can sort of see it if you know what you are looking for LOL). I think using the right size needles and a solid colour would be better to see the patterns. However, I think the varrigated created a funky little pattern of its own!

And now for the one on the right. Same colour of yarn used, different size needles. For this one I used the 4 mm size (the 4.5 are still in use lol) and got a little smaller size overall, but still it is a nice size I think.

The pattern on this one, which you can kind of see a little bit better, is a cat (go figure eh?). The varrigation didn't produce a funky pattern like in the other one though...but that's ok. I told mom she could use the cat one too if she wanted, and if not then I'd probably just keep it for me.

I made the watering can one for my mom because she is into gardening and I thought she would like that. I'm still going to give it to her, even though it's not perfect. She's already seen it and thinks that if it was done with a solid colour the pattern would stand out better (which is what I've already said), and thought that something like that might be nice for their Yankee Swaps that they do now and then in their horticulture club gatherings. So, maybe I will make some for her to take next time. She said that one of the packages she got in the past was a set of dish cloths and dish towels that were knit by someone, so it still might go over nicely...especially since it has something gardening related on it.

Both patterns were very easy to do, and didn't take too long. I think estimated time for each was an hour and a half tops.

Patterns: Pattern for the watering can dish cloth can be found here. The pattern for the cat dish cloth can be found here.

Needles: watering can - 5 mm bamboo; cat - 4 mm aluminum
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton ultrasoft; colour - #23741


Jan said...

Well, I love, love, love, the one on the top. The colors did something really cool there, didn't they? I wish I could see hold it in my hands and look at it, it really keeps your eyes moving! Great job on both of them though, Shelly!

Catherine Kerth said...

looks really neat! i love 'em :) the colors are sooo vivid, who could resist :) i was searching for your email, i want to send you a link... okay

Karen said...

Those are so colorful. It will be a shame to use them.

Sharon said...

I love them, even if they are dishcloths which mean work. Thanks for the links, I like the cat one and I can see it being made in the not too distant future.

Jayleigh said...

I LOVE how the colors mix and mingle. Also, I'd say it looks not loose-ish, but loosey goosey. Because I like that phrase.

Wait! That's a varigated yarn? NEATO!!

You're a multi-talented lady. Wow!

Lynda said...

Hi Shelley - I apolgize for not checking in with you in awhile - for some reason, yours is one of about three blogs that update on my Bloglines, and obviously I'm become rather dependent on it! I promise to check in more often!

I love your Project Spectrum dishcloths - there's nothing like a handknit dishcloth, love them!

I too am sorry to hear about your friend's passing, it's always hard, but especially so with someone so young.

I'm always wanting to write back when you leave me such nice comments on my blog, also, but don't have your email address. Please know HOW MUCH I appreciate them! I love hearing from you.

Promise to be back soon!

Rachel said...

Wow, the top one really are something, aren't they? I bet you couldn't reproduce that if you tried. Both of them look great.

sillyewe said...

Hi, Shelley! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :0) No, spinning is not hard at all. A spindle is a great way to learn and you can even make one with a dowel and a cd. No kidding. There are also many out there on the net for any price range. I recommend a lesson or two and you will be on your way in no time. Warning! Very addictive. Nice colors for your dishcloths and I LOVE your feather and fan socks! :0)

k said...

I love these dishclothes- gorgeous colors! I swore off dishclothes after the Knitting Olympics but with those cheerful colors, I might have to do a few more!

Knit and Tink said...

Those dishclothes are BEAUTIFUL! Wow, it almost makes me want to knit some new ones! Thanks for the inspiration!