Saturday, February 08, 2014

I Finished My Scarf

As you might remember, I was taking part in a scarf exchange on Ravelry.   I completed the scarf and mailed out the package yesterday.  I do hope my exchange partner likes everything!  I'm not going to post a picture of the scarf until after she receives it, just in case she happens to visit my blog and sees it.  I don't want to ruin the surprise for her.

I'm not totally satisfied with the blocking as I've not really done any blocking in the past.  I probably shouldn't have chosen a pattern that needed to be blocked until after I had more experience with blocking; however, I did offer to knit her something else if she isn't satisfied with it.

Last month, I got my orders from Knit Picks and The Loopy Ewe (links to their shops on my left sidebar).  The photo to the right shows the yarn from Knit Picks, and includes: 2 Wondermint Chroma Worsted (back right corner), 2 Peapod Stroll (the green), 2 Dandelion Stroll (yellow), 2 Eggplant Palette (dark purple), 2 Cream Palette (in back of the dark purple), 1 Lignonberry Heather Palette and 1 Oyster Heather Palette (both in front and being used to knit my current project).
The photo to the left is part of my order from The Loopy Ewe.  I bought two Cascade 220 in purple hyacinth, and one Alchemy Yarns of Transformation - Juniper Colorways in sugar mountain.  I also ordered  two Cascade Superwash Sport in Christmas green and gifted them to my BFF.

I also ordered a few other things with the yarn, but didn't put them in the pictures.  I got some tapestry needles, since I couldn't find my other ones, some Harmony DPNs (unfortunately I ordered the 5 inch needles and they are a little small for my current project, but I'm making due.  I think I'll have to order them in a bigger size next time as I am enjoying using this needle.), a magnetic chart keeper, and something for my scarf exchange pal (which I'll refrain from writing).

As I mentioned above, I've started on my next project.  It is the Argyle Cap by Amy Munson (from Knit Picks).  I also ordered the Argyle Mitten Collection (also by Amy Munson) pattern as well.  Both the hat and mitten patterns have a few different variations of the pattern to choose from.  I have only just started the hat pattern today, so I don't have much of it to show in a photo just yet.  When I get it done, I'll be sure to take a picture.

The Ravelry group (International Scarf Exchange) is hosting another scarf exchange, and I've signed up for it again.  They are taking a month off from the alphabet exchange and just doing a stash busting exchange.  You can either sign up to send  just a scarf, or a scarf, a skein of yarn from your stash, and a little treat to nibble or sip.  I joined the one to send only the scarf, and I'm already thinking of possible patterns.  We will get matched up with a partner next Friday and then have a month to get the scarf made and mailed.

Time to get back to working on my hat.  We have a long weekend (Family Day) so I hope to get this project completed before heading back to work on Tuesday.

Happy knitting!

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