Monday, January 13, 2014

Knitting Progress

Ive mentioned in the previous post about becoming involved in a scarf exchange on Ravelry.  Since joining, Ive been looking through various scarf patterns to knit for my exchange partner.  There are so many wonderful looking scarf patterns, and that makes it difficult to choose just one.

Yesterday I had the flu so I couldnt do anything, though I had hoped to start the scarf then.  Today, I feel a lot better. I wont say Im 100% better, but the fact that Im not aching and I have no fever makes me feel a lot better.  Today my cough seems to be what Im dealing with more than anything, and there are times when I cough so much that its hard to catch my breath.  I had an opportunity to go shopping in Dawson Creek today (I had hoped we could check out a yarn shop there, see if its open, and maybe get some yarn to use in my pals scarf), but I decided to stay home to get better for work tomorrow.

I looked through some of the yarn I have here, which isnt much, and looked for something that might fit the categories – colour(s) she said she liked, types of yarn she likes, etc.  I decided on a skein (I wont go into details of what colours, the brand/type, or pattern just in case my pal reads my blog. I dont want to ruin the surprise for her), and searched the internet for a pattern.

Of course, me being me, I am second guessing my choice of yarn, colour, etc.  If I were doing this scarf for charity, I wouldnt worry so much because there would be someone out there who would like it.  I just want my pal to like the finished product, and not feel disappointed in what Ive chosen.

Since this is an alphabet swap and we need to choose things to include that start with the first five letters of the alphabet, Im trying to keep this in mind with the things Im choosing.  I have something for A and B, and have an idea for C.  Still deciding on D and E – though things could change between now and when I get the package sent out!  I just really hope my pal is happy and satisfied with what I send her.

Yesterday, at some point when I was feeling a little better, I ordered some yarn from The Loopy Ewe. I havent ordered anything from them in a long time, and found out I had a credit of nearly $20!  Anyway, since my birthday is coming up in a week from tomorrow, I decided to order some yarn for myself as a birthday present to myself.  I probably wont get it in time for my birthday, but that doesnt matter since Im busy knitting my scarf exchange pals scarf.

I have also ordered some yarn and a couple of patterns from Knit Picks a couple of weeks ago.  The patterns were ones to download, so I already have them.  They are for argyle hats (it includes a few different patterns) and the matching mittens (again, it includes a few different patterns).  Im looking forward to knitting those up – they looked so cool.  The hats and mittens I make from these patterns will more than likely go to charity.

Ill post pictures of my scarf exchange pals scarf once she gets it so that I dont ruin the surprise.  Ill also post pictures of the yarn and the patterns, Ive ordered for myself, when I get them in the mail.

Id love to hear what youve been working on lately.  Feel free to drop a comment and let me know!

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