Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alphabet Swap Partner's Scarf

Flying Home Scarf
My Alphabet Swap partner finally received her package this week (on Monday), so I can share the picture of the scarf I knit for her.  She was satisfied with the package and said the pattern and colours were perfect for her (or something like that).  I'm glad she likes it, because I was a little worried she wouldn't.  I had no reason to believe she wouldn't, other than my own doubts about my yarn/colour choice and the blocking.

The picture here isn't that great as I had to use the flash (it was night and my apartment doesn't have good lighting for taking pictures). The colours are a little bit darker in real life.  In the daylight I think it looks really good.

I used the Flying Home Scarf pattern, a free download on Ravelry.  I really enjoyed this pattern; it wasn't too difficult, and while I couldn't memorize the pattern (it's a 10 row repeat), it was easy to follow.  I will more than likely be knitting this pattern again.

My blocking isn't that great as I didn't have anything to use for my blocking, other than pins.  I've since ordered some blocking wires from Knit Picks and will be able to use them on the next scarf I make - which  happens to be what I'm working on now.

I'll refrain showing any progress on my current scarf or mentioning the pattern for the current project since I am knitting it for my new swap partner in the Stashbuster swap at Ravelry.  This time I am only knitting and sending the scarf.  I like the pattern I'm using, and will likely knit it again in the future.  Once this new swap partner gets the scarf, I'll post a picture and the name of the pattern on here.

Aside from these scarves, I haven't been working much on the hat I'd been working on.  I am on the decreasing at the top of the hat; I'm just waiting until I get these swap scarves completed and then I'll go back and finish the hat, block it, and post a picture of it.  I do like the way it looks so far, though, and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Well, I'd best be off and get some marking done for work so that I can do some knitting a little later on this evening.  Happy knitting!

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