Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Time To Knit?

Well, between not having any knitting mojo and school work, I've got hardly any knitting done since the beginning of 2009! I am starting too feel the withdrawls now and feel the need to knit!

So, this afternoon (after my classes) I went and got some yarn for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange pal's scarf. I do hope it will be one she likes. I also got some Bernat cotton to make a couple of dishcloths. I figured maybe a quick knit from time to time might help get the knitting mojo back!

Today I had a group presentation for one of my classes. We had to talk about and discuss Gender Separated classes. I'm glad that one is over. My next presentation is in a couple of weeks, so my group will have to get together soon to decide what we're going to do and how we will present it.

We got more snow last night - another storm. Schools were cancelled today, even though by early this morning it wasn't snowing, the roads were plowed, and it really wasn't too bad out there. Sigh, I can't wait until I'm a teacher and can get snow days too, LOL!

Ok, just wanted to put a little update on here and let you all know I'm still around. I'd better head off and get some knitting done before the motivation and mojo disappear again!

Happy knitting!

P.S. I have turned comments moderation on because I've noticed sometimes lately I am getting spam in the comments section (I have the filter apparently on, so the spammers are now being done by 'live' people...). It's so annoying that the spam is happening again, but hopefully this will catch it. If I wanted to advertise on my blog, then it would be set up that way. I hate spam!


kittensmittens said...

I feel your pain from knitting withdrawl. I'm not sure if I even remember how to knit. It is a sad feeling.

Now the snow days,... don't know what that is like... It rained today in Southern California. I think that's a good reason to get a day off too.

Judy said...

Hi Shelley, Can you believe it was 6 below zero one day this week here and 60 degrees today??? Strange weather we are having. I am so glad to be back online and almost back to normal from the ice storm. Thank you so much for your concern and kind comments during that time. I have a lot of catching up to do with my blogging friends.