Monday, February 09, 2009

Flutterbye Dreams

My friend, Jodi, from school is into crafts. I knew she somewhat did crafty things like making cards and scrapbooking, however, I just discovered on the weekend that she is into more than that. She even has an Etsy shop! It's called Flutterbye Dreams and she has some really cute things there. I saw pictures of some of her other crafts that she doesn't have listed, and let me tell you, she makes some pretty cool things!

So, I just wanted to help advertise her shop and hopefully send some customers her way. Go check out her blog and her shop - tell her Shelley sent you! And before you can ask, no I'm not getting any kind of commission for this; I'm just doing a good deed.


Judy said...

Thanks Shelley. I will go over and take a look at her shop.

Jodi said...

Thank you so much Shelley! You are such a sweetie! =) And, nope she isn't getting any type of commission. LOL