Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two More Cards

So sorry for the lack of knitting content lately. However, I did originally set up this particular blog to show any crafts I happen to do. It turned into a knitting blog because that was my main craft. But, from time to time something else might pop up, as is the case with this post (and the one from a couple of posts ago).

I made both of these cards the other evening (Thursday I believe), but didn't get a chance to take pictures and post about them until today. Most scrappers and card makers (or any type of paper crafter) can typically tell you the names of the papers they used, the specific colourways (much like yarnaholics can do) and which set/company they got their rubber stamps from. I've picked that up from reading several paper craft blogs recently. I, on the other hand, cannot do that just yet. The reason being is that what paper I do have I bought at Michael's in those "grab bag" type of packages - and 99% of the paper I do have is cardstock. The rest might be patterned paper such as the background in the next card.

When I made this card, I wasn't paying close enough attention to stamping the lighthouse, and it ended up a little crooked (is that how you spell that?). The stamp is actually one piece with the words to the left on the card, actually appearing below the lighthouse. It says, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" and comes from Psalm 119. I used my watercolour pencils to colour the image. I must add that I'm not all that great with colour combinations, LOL, but I thought they might look nice together. Also, the words could be up a little higher in that area...or maybe I could find some kind of embellishment to put there...

This next card I used some striped scrapbook background paper (one of those 12 x 12 sheets) and tried to get the solid cardstock colours to be as close a match to the stripes as I could. I think they were pretty well close to being the same. Sorry the picture is a little dark. for the upper right corner, I cute a triangle of the blue cardstock using some scissors with a patterned edge. I used the same scissor to cut out the red and blue circle as well.

The words in the triangle area say "Thinking of you is a nice thing to do" and the little mouse in the circle is holding a little flower. I got this set from Stampin' Up a few years ago. Again, I used my watercolour pencils to colour the mouse and flower. Unfortunately I don't think it shows up too well since the cardstock is a little dark. I only have the watercolour pencils and some chalk (from Stampin' Up) to colour my cards with, so I'm limited. Someday when I have a job (and I'm not in school), I may be able to get some of the markers and other items many of the papercrafters 'out there' have! But, until then, I am limited to what I have to work with...unless I get together for a day of card making with some friends and they have items they are willing to let me use...

Well, just wanted to post the pictures of the cards. Must get back to the tons of homework I have for the weekend - a 6 lesson unit plan (this one is a group thing but in total we have to have 6 lessons...I've got to get mine done for Monday so the others who need it to work from can use it), 2 lesson plans for my math class, go over my stuff (and gather the supplies) for my little mini presentation in phys. ed. for Monday evening, work on a resource binder for phys. ed., work on my wellness portfolio for phys. ed., work on my teaching portfolio, and an assignment using a new marking program we got the other day in one of my classes. Tons to do, and most of it due this week...

So, happy knitting and/or happy stamping to you!

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wendyp said...

I usually can't tell you what color cardstock something is. But then again, I pretty much buy it by the sheet from Michaels too. unless its kraft and then I tend to hoard it, LOL!

Awesome cards!!!