Saturday, February 28, 2009

Knitting Content - Sort Of...

I received my final package from my SP13 pal yesterday. I have been spoiled by Kelly of The Vagabond Weaver. She's in the process, from what I see on her blog, of transferring her old posts into the new server she's with. It's been a real pleasure getting spoiled by her and I hope to get to know her better now that the Secret Pal 13 has run its course.

Here are the goodies she sent me this time - I love them all!! I got some yarny goodness - some Opal sock yarn (I think it's from the Rainforest collection because it has a picture of a toucan on it), some really soft 100% baby alpaca from Blue Sky Alpacas (Tinker Belle loved this. She tried to get at it numerous times). The colour number is 800. There are some really cute sandstone buttons in the picture too. I took a close-up of them so you could see the detail. She had everything wrapped up in super cute Easter bags. She wanted to celebrate Easter a little early since there's been so much snow was certainly a bright spot in the day!

Not only did Kelly send these items, but she had a cute tote bag included as well! It's nice and environmentally friendly - I can tote my yarn around in it, or I can take it to the grocery store and use it there.

I'm on March Break now, as of yesterday, and will have the next week off. Unfortunately, I have homework to keep me busy. I did a little of it last night but got stuck, so I'll wait to do the rest of it. I do plan on doing some relaxing this week though; things have been a little hectic at school the last couple of weeks. I plan on getting the scarf done for my Ravelry Scarf Exchange pal. I'm also supposed to make something for a couple of friends. We're having a little gift exchange of something handmade (it can't be food) and I haven't started yet - been so busy. We were going to have the exchange on St. Patrick's Day, but we moved it to April Fools Day. I have a month, but depending on what I make, and how much free time I have...I don't know if I'll get their gifts done on time...might have to extend the time on it. Hopefully I'll get something done for them on time though.
I made a couple of cards again today and I'll post those in a separate post...hopefully tomorrow. One of them is plain, but bright. The other I am quite fond of, though it's "plain" to a degree. I used some pattered paper and a little "border" and a cutout - a limited amount of supplies, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Anyway, I'll discuss those in the post tomorrow.
Happy knitting/crafting!

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startare said...

hi, did you get my pm on Ravelry? I'm off for a couple of days tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I can make it to the post-office before Wednesday.