Saturday, January 24, 2009

SP Package 2

On Thursday I came home between my last two classes because I was tired and thought some fresh air and change of scenery might help wake me up. Boy am I glad I did! I came home to find a package from my Secret Pal! Look what she sent me:

She had a really cute birthday card with a kitten and yarn on the front, a package of two DP Wip Tubes (which I really needed), a beautiful suncatcher, and some gorgeous, soft, yummy Fleece Artist Trail Socks yarn in the Seafoam colourway!

Thanks so much Secret Pal - I love it all!

Look how gorgeous the suncatcher is held up to the back window...sooooo pretty!

I've used Fleece Artist once before and find the socks to be nice and soft, especially after washing them. I have another hank of Fleece Artist wound into a ball (I had it with me when I went to South Korea), but haven't knit it up yet. I have the pattern for it (one from Monica), but I was waiting on the size 0 needles. I now have size 0, so all I need to do is get knitting.

I've got a presentation coming up this week, on Thursday, for the Social Studies Education class I'm in. It's a group project, and we are actually going to do a few activities in our lesson which we learned last semester when some of our class went to the Wetlands Center not too far from here. That was actually for our science class, but we chose to do this presentation for a grade 4 class, and in that curriculum there is a section on how humans affect rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. We talked it over with our prof (she also taught us the science class last semester) and she gave us the go-ahead to do it. She didn't get to go to the workshop with us, so she said she's anxious to see what we learned there. I'm sure it's going to go well. We've got another meeting or two this week to put things all together to make sure it falls into place.

A few months ago I got a new camera (Pentax K200D). A few weeks ago my friend, Michelle, invited me over to her place to help me learn some hints and tips for taking pics. I've used a 35mm SLR camera (Pentax as well), but I don't remember all that I had learned for using it. Besides, things are a little different with digitals...but the basics like aperture, f-stops, etc. are still the same. Anyway, we got some flowers at one of the grocery shops and did some macro shots. I've got about half a dozen up on my other blog, Confirm The Work of Our Hands, if anyone is interested in seeing them. I can't seem to get the posts to link, but they are the first two posts listed (would be the second and third if I manage to get a post made there before someone has a chance to visit).

I'll leave you all with a nice close-up of Tinker Belle. I had to snap quickly because she wouldn't stay still too long!

Happy knitting!


angela said...

i read your comment on the Yarn Harlot and i popped over to read your blog and leave a comment so that you at least had a start on the 500 or so that Stephanie gets. i did enjoy reading it and have added you to my favourites so that i can read it everyday when i get my daily 10min quiet time i will try to leave comments for you if that helps :)love from very very hot sydney aus 112f yesterday....could you send me some snow?

Shelley said...

Hi Angela!

Thanks so much for your comment!! I really appreciate it :o)

I would love to send you some you want some cold temperatures as well? We've got more cold temps on the way...brrr!

cici said...

what a lovely blog you have here. It has all my favorite colors. I am trying to learn more about taking pictures myself. Great shot of tinker belle.

Secret Pal said...

Good luck with your group project, I'm sure it will turn out great! :)
I'm so happy you like the suncatcher!


Missy said...

oooh I love the colors in that yarn. Can't wait to see it worked up. My Grandma used to have a kitty that looked like that. Brings back memories! Take care!