Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Current WIP - Color Play Mohair Scarf & Wrap

The beginning of my Color Play Mohair Scarf
As I've mentioned previously, last week I spent four days in Edmonton and visited a lovely yarn shop (River City Yarns).  One of the items I purchased (besides yarn) was a pattern by Churchmouse Classics for the Color Play Mohair Scarf & Wrap (pattern can be found on the link on my Ravelry page).

I started working on this Saturday evening, and what is shown in the photo is what I had completed by Sunday morning.  I've been working along since then, so it's bigger than what is in the photo (obviously) now.  I am enjoying the pattern.  It's an easy, mindless knit (seed stitch and stocking stitch), and should knit up fairly quickly.  I'm doing the scarf (I'll do the wrap at another time), though it's looking wider than scarves I've made in the past, and with blocking, it might become wider.

I wanted to buy the Kidsilk Haze mohair yarn used in the pattern photos (and the example I saw at the yarn store), but it was more than I was willing and able to pay at the time.  I went with a cheaper yarn for now.  I'm using Patons Lace (two with sequins and two without), and it's an acrylic/mohair/wool blend (two strands at a time) and is probably a little thicker than just a mohair yarn.  I think this will be a warm scarf when it's finished.  The colour choices I went with are: Mystic Teal, Amethyst (the two shown in the photo), Crystal, and Arctic Plum.  I can't wait to see how it looks as I change colours along the way!

I'll take photos along the way and, of course, once it's completed.  I've got another week of Spring Break this week, so I should be able to get this completed before going back to work next Monday.  As I said, it's an easy pattern and is knitting up quickly.

Well, I'm off to do more knitting on this scarf.  Enjoy your day, and happy knitting!

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kristieinbc said...

The scarf is looking great! I love the colour of your yarn. My son and daughter-in-law used to live in Edmonton and she frequented River City Yarns.