Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Color Play Update

I've been knitting away at the Color Play Mohair Scarf this week.  The previous post (and this one) was a scheduled post, so I had actually typed it up on the weekend.  The photo in the previous post was what I had knit up to that point.  The photo in this post is what I have done as of yesterday (Tuesday) morning.

As I said, this is a fairly quick knit.  The only thing I have to pay attention to is the seed stitch boarder.  The rest of the scarf is just knit and purl.  And, since I'm knitting with two yarns at the same time, I have to make sure when I knit that I get both strands and not just one (which has happened a few times, but I was able to catch it and fix it).

So far I like the colour choices I have made.  The purple and the white both  have sequins in the yarn, but the teal and the lighter purple (which will be added when the teal runs out) don't.  The next colour pattern will be white and the lighter purple, and end with the lighter and darker purple together.

I'm not used to having a scarf be this wide (and will likely be wider once I block it).  I don't know if I had used just a mohair yarn if it would be so wide or not, but I've decided it doesn't matter. Scares are all different lengths and widths.  To me, though, this seems more like a small/short wrap than a scarf.  If I had cast on for the wrap, I would have to add another 30 stitches to what I have, so it definitely would be a lot wider than the scarf (obviously).

I am anticipating adding this scarf to the items I'll be donating to charity, unless someone I know falls in love with the it. Then I might be tempted to give it as a gift.  I may even just keep it for myself (I have few to no items I've knitted, other than a few pairs of socks), but I haven't really decided where this lovely scarf will end up.

Well, I'm off in search of some new knitting blogs to read, and work more on my scarf.  Happy knitting!

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