Saturday, March 15, 2014

Completed Argyle Cap

The completed Argyle Cap
A week or two ago I finished the Argyle Cap I had been working on prior to doing the two scarf swaps I was in.  I forgot to post a picture of it when I finished it, so I thought I'd add it now. 

Sorry that it's not a good photo. I was holding it up on my left hand and taking the photo with my right (which is why the hat looks a little bent forward in the picture).  I don't have any of those head forms I see many knitters use to display their completed hats, and I didn't have anyone around to model it.  So, I made do. 

The size I made was the adult small, and it fits me just fine.  I will likely be adding this to items I will donate to charity next fall/winter.

I enjoyed this pattern (see a couple of posts ago for the link from Knit Picks) and didn't find it difficult at all.  About the only problem I had was in my own knitting. A few times when I was working on the argyle section, I didn't knit the right amount of stitches in the main colour (or contrasting colour) and was off. That would result in tinking back to where I had gone wrong and fixing the mistake.  It all turned out well, though. But now that I look at the photo, I can see what looks like a possible mistake. 

This pattern has a few variations included with it, and I will likely be making those, and this one again, in the future.  I also purchased the corresponding mitten pattern (which also has the variations included in it as well), but haven't started any of the mittens yet.  I'll be sure to post photos when I do start and finish the matching mittens.

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