Sunday, January 05, 2014

Time For A Change

Since its been some time that I have posted on my knitting blog (other than my post of the other day), I figure its time for a change in my blog design.  While I do like the background and the colours of my current design, and because its a new year and Im hoping to get back into more knitting and blogging, I think I need to start off with a new blog design.

Im not sure what Ill go with – one of the myriad of free templates available, or if Ill actually break down and pay a little for a really nice looking template.  So far, all of my templates (on this blog and my other ones) have been the free ones offered either on Blogger or some other site that has free designs.

Knitting Update:

Ive done a little more work on my Diagonal Lace Scarf, but at some point in the pattern (not too far from the needles), Ive managed to lose a couple of stitches – more than likely it is a couple of yarn-overs.  So, I now need to rip back a few rows until I get the right amount of stitches.

HmmmI just went and looked at the pattern I had printed out for this scarf, and I noticed that there are only 24 stitches.  Now that I think about it, I did have 24 stitches on my needles! I didnt make a mistake! 

The only thing that I can think as to why I had thought Id made a mistake and left off a couple of yarn-overs, is because of having finished those other two scarves and I used 26 stitches for them. I must have been thinking (yes, it was late when this all happened) of that scarf and using 26 stitches for that.  Hmmm, now I need to make sure I rip back to a spot where I would start on a row 1.  And because of this confusion, I now remember the importance of using life lines in knitting – so that you dont have to rip back too far, and youll be at a spot in your knitting where you know you left off (such as at a row 1).
Lesson learned – and hopefully remembered for next time.


Since Ive been away from the land of knitting blogs for some time, Ive been going back to visit some of the blogs I used to visit often.  I hope to re-establish connections/friendships in the knitting sphere and not stay away so long next time.

Ive really missed some of these women, their knitting, their daily life stories, etc.  These women gave me motivation and encouragement (even if they didnt know they did) along the way – both in knitting and life.  I also hope to come across new blogs as well.  I look forward to seeing what patterns are being worked on, and maybe find some new ones that I can work on as well.

Yall Come Back Now:

I really hope youll keep coming back and encouraging me to continue knitting (to not loose motivation), with my other craft/art projects, and just in daily life in general – you know, when times get tough.

Happy knitting!

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Anonymous said...

It's me... your BFF... we really need a knitting/movie date... hmmm???