Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Scarf In June

I got another awesome package today! This one was from my International Scarf Exchange 4 pal, Elizabeth (aka Stashkitty) who I think is blogless (though if she does have a blog, I hope she'll leave the link in the comment section since the only one linked to her on the ISE4 blog is to that very same blog...).
Here are the contents of the package she sent (forgive my mom's diabetes pills in the background...those did not come in the package, lol). There is the lovely scarf, some pretty stitch markers, a bag, and some delicious treats from a bakery in her neighbourhood. Let's see some closeups of everything.
First up is the scarf. See how pretty it is? I'm not sure of the pattern, but I love it! The yarn is Savanah DK and is an organic cotton/silk/linen blend, and its nice and soft. I really love the scarf, and I can't wait to wear it (I'll take it with me to South Korea)! Here's a closeup of the knitting. She did a great job on the scarf!
Next up are the beautiful stitch markers. They look a little red in the picture, but they are more brownish. I don't know if she made them or not, but they are so cute. You can see that they are on the bag that the scarf was in when I opened the box.
So, since you have been teased with a small portion of the bag, I'll show it in its entirety. The fabric was made at the place Elizabeth works at. She didn't say if she made the bag, or if it was made where she works, but I've sent her an email inquireing. Isn't it pretty? It's big enough to hold a knitting project bigger than a pair of socks, so I'll be able to use it when I make the next child's sweater that I have waiting in the wings to knit up. I had to use the flash in the picture so the fabric looks a little washed out or faded. In reality it isn't, though. I should have taken it outside to photograph when I took the scarf out, that way the picture might have been better.
And finally, the yummy treat! Yes, I said yummy. I've already sampled some after supper and it is soooooo good! She got it, as I said, from an old Italian bakery in her neighbourhood called Court Pastry Shop, according to the name on the box it came in. I don't know what this treat is called, but regardless of the fact, it is really good! I've never tried these before, but let me tell you, I wouldn't mind taking a little trip down to Brooklyn (where the shop is located) to get some! I decided to Google the shop and came up with this link to an article.
Anyway, thank you so much for the fabulous package Elizabeth! You did an awesome job with the scarf. I love it and everything you included!


Rachel said...

How nice your pal is! What a lovely gift! I've had so much fun with the ISE4 thing, too. I can't wait to join next time!

Charity said...

Beautiful scarf, and wonderful package!

monica said...

What a lovely scarf, and a great package.

Scribbles & Bits said...

What a great package!

TuttleTime said...

I recently joined this ring and am so excited to click around to see others who have been blessed by ISE4. I can't wait to join the next one!!! I love how everyone is so nice and spoiling the recipients of the great packages. So neat. ;)

Angie Tuttle

Rachel said...

Ooh, what a beautiful scarf! I love the pattern and the color, and although I can't touch it, the yarn sounds wonderful.

Great package!