Monday, June 18, 2007

A Prize For Me!

Not too long ago, Holly of Knitnspinner had a little contest and I was one of the winners. She emailed me and asked me what I would like for a prize - some yarn or some roving. I said that either was fine, and told her she could surprise me. Well, she did; and here's what she sent:

It is some merino/silk top and it is sooooo soft!

Now, this made my day - I love getting mail (except bills and stuff like that). I was thinking that it might be my scarf from my ISE4 pal because she emailed me a few days ago to let me know she'd send it out and I should be getting it soon.
However, when I looked at the customs sticker, it said nothing of the package containing a scarf. To be honest, the fact that I had entered the contest and this awesome package was on its way had completely slipped my mind; and I haven't ordered any more yarn for a little while - since finding out I'd be going to South Korea (so now I'm trying to save my money for that - no more yarn purchases for me for a little while), and when I opened the box and saw the contents (there were also some chocolate included - yummy!), I remembered the contest. Holly, thanks so much for the prize - it is awesome and I love it! I can't wait to spin it up! The closeup (above) is close to the actual colour.

I took a pic with and without the flash (this one is without) outside a little while ago. I'd say in reality, the colour is a smidgen darker than the picture (the other picture wasn't very accurate).

On the Sockapalooza front - I think I've decided on yet a different pattern to knit for my pal. While cruising the SAM3 blog, I came across a post that had the link for the Fluted Banister Socks and thought they looked great. Now, the pattern says that you use sport weight yarn, 350 yards/100g, and I have fine/sport weight that is (I think) 225 yards/100g. It is noted in the pattern that the test knitter has plently of yarn left also said that for the pattern repeat in the leg that 15 repeats gave 7 1/2 inches. My pal only wants 7 1/2 inches from heel to cuff (so that would include the heel flap too, presumably) so I won't be making that many repeats. I am just wondering if my 225 yards/100g will be enough. My pal also said that she prefers cuff down socks as opposed to toe up, so I can't start at the toe and knit until I run out. I've really got to get these socks started


Charity said...

This is a great prize, the roving is so pretty!

I like the pattern you chose for your Sockapalooza socks. I know I'm feeling the pressure, I really want to get going on mine, too. :0)

Rachel said...

What a nice surprise! Isn't it fun getting things in the mail, especially something unexpected?

Janice said...

What a fun package! I love the roving! Thanks for the link to the sock pattern.. it looks like a fun one to try!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I love getting surprise packages too. And yummy ones like yours!

Scribbles & Bits said...

That is beautiful roving and it looks like there's a lot of it! I look forward to seeing it after you've spun it!

jessica said...

What beautiful roving! Great suprise too!

Holly said...

So glad that you received and like the fiber :~) It's been crazy here, so I just now read your post. Have fun spinning!