Monday, June 04, 2007

As Promised...

Here is the pic I took of everything my Secret Pal sent in the last package...the pic I forgot to download from the camera for the last post:And as you can see...Tinker Belle had to make her presence known and approve of everything (which she did).

Also, I did some knitting over the weekend. I started the scarf for my friend at work, but there isn't enough of it done yet to show any pics. I'm using the Yarn Guard and a set of the needles my SP sent in this last package with this project. I also worked a little on the scarf that I take to work with me...the mindless knitting one.

Also, I made one of these: a dishcloth dress. The pattern calls for 5.0mm needles, but my 5.0's are in use with a UFO/WIP, so I used the 5.5's that my SP sent in this last package. The stitches are a little loose, so I think the size 5 needles would be best. I did a sample one not long ago on 4.5mm needles (I messed it up so I didn't take a pic of it), and it was smaller in size.

The picture on the left was taken with the flash so the colours are lighter, and the one above right was without the flash and of course the colours are showing darker. The actual colour is probably closer to the top part of the "dress", and it is made with Bernat Cotton.

This is a really easy pattern, and it is so cute! If you'd like to try the pattern, you can find it here (it's free). I've got some other colours of the cotton to make a few more of these.

And finally, remember I've been saying I've been preoccupied with something, and was late with my SAM3 socks? There is a good reason. I had a phone interview that night. You can read about what is going on with regard to that at my other blog,
Confirm The Work Of Our Hands, and see what my future holds.


monica said...

At first I thought you were making little barbie dresse it is really cute. What a great package you got.

Karen said...

What a super pal you've had, all your packages have been great. Your little towel dress is so cute.

kittensmittens said...

I like the dishcloth dress. It's so different. And the colors on your May sock are just plain yummy.
You have the best secret PAL. I can see Tinker Belle is now keeping a close eye on 'her' stuff.

Holly said...

Hi Shelley! Will you email me at hnestbergAThotmailDOTcom? We can discuss your reward ;~)

Janice said...

Another fun package! Lucky you! I love the dishcloth 'dress' and will download the pattern today.
Will be praying for you and your South Korea adventure!! Where in South Korea? I went there several times while we lived in Japan.

Shelley said...

I'm not exactly sure just yet, where in South Korea I'll be going. I'll let you know, though, when I find out.

Rachel said...

The dishcloth dress is cute and retro and whimsical. A nice variation on your standard square dishcloth. Fun!

I know I already said it in email, but congrats on your big news of being Korea-bound!

sherriknits said...

You have been very busy since I last visited. You have a great secret pal! Love your children's socks!