Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Surprise and Yarny Goodness

Yesterday I awoke to a wonderful surprise. My SP10 pal struck again and sent me these awesome earrings! Aren't they cool? I haven't worn earrings in a dog's age, but she had emailed me and asked if I had my ears pierced so I thought I would go and check. I took a pair of earrings I had, soaked them in some alcohol and slowly tried to get them in. What luck! I was able to get them in! So when I got this little package yesterday, I was able to put them in my ears!
To the left you can see one in my was that ever a hard picture to get. I kept getting the camera in most of the shots but I finally was able to get this one. Pay no attention to the grey in the hair that is showing...

Unfortunately, I didn't keep them in for too long because I didn't want my ears to get sore since I haven't worn earrings for awhile. I'll wear them for a little bit each day (in fact I have them in as I am typing this up and so far so good!) until I am sure my ears won't get sore. They are so cute, and I can just imagine wearing them when I have my 'I Love Knitting' t-shirt (that I won from Karen's contest last November or December) on and doing some knitting! Thank you so much SP10 pal, they are great! I love them!

Also, you can see in the picture at the top, the link for the Etsy shop my pal got the earrings from,, so I'll give that a little plug here. I haven't visited there yet, but after I finish this post I will go and take a gander at what she has there.

Today was another good mail day. Well, any day when you don't get bills is a good mail day, I suppose. Anyway, here is what I got today:
This is some superwash sock yarn, 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon. It is approximately 440 yards of yarny goodness! I took the picture in the little greenhous that is set up on the back patio, and used the geraniums that are starting to grow (they'll be planted in front of the house at some point), as a backdrop. Look at the colours - so vibrant! The part in the shad, toward the right of the picture, is the most accurate (the sun is shining on the rest so you don't get a very good idea). There are actually two or three shades of pink in it, as well as white and brown. The colour is appropriately named, Neopolitain...and now I'm wanting some neopolitain ice cream. I think I have a pattern in mind that I am going to use this yarn with, so stay tuned to see what this yarny goodness turns into.
I ordered this yarn from an etsy store, Woolly Boully (found her via someone's blog I had visited), and she shipped it out very quickly. She allowed me to send a money order, and as soon as she received it she shipped my yarn to me. She also threw in a cute stitch marker (which I forgot to include in the picture) with my order. So, go check out Jenny's shop as well! She has a few more colourways that I have my eye on, too (such as the Moon Flowers colourway).

That's all for now. Today is going to be filled with practicing my flute and knitting...but mostly knitting. My ISE4 pal's scarf is now 2 repeats longer than it was yesterday, and last night I got about 5 or 6 rows of the Secret Sock done. I was getting rather tired so before starting the lacy pattern on the leg I put it away and went to bed. I didn't want any disasters on my hands, so I did the safe thing and waited until I was more awake to work on it. I'll work at that today, and maybe get a pic of it up tomorrow or on the weekend so you can see how it's looking.

Happy Knitting!


Lone Knitter said...

Awwwhhh. Thanks so much, Shelley. I'm so glad that you like your new yarn. I absolutely ADORE this colorway. I need to make some for my own yarn stash!

Charity said...

I love the charms on those earrings, and the yarn is beautiful! :0)

Alisha said...

Those earrings are so neat!!!

Great yarn too!!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

The earrings are certainly perfect for a knitter!

The new yarn is gorgeous. Have fun knitting it up.

Dipsy said...

What a really beautiful pair of earrings this is - definitely perfect for a knitter! And awww, that yarn! Gorgeous - I sooo adore the colors!

lexa said...

You've got a great Secret Pal! Love the new yarn!

Hasbu said...

Very cool earrings for a knitter!