Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another Pair Done

Finally finished the socks I was working on - the children's pair from the left over Opal yarn I used on my Trellis Socks (the yarn I won back in November/December from Karen's contest). Here they are...well over on the left I mean.
They are fraternal twins, as you can see. The one on the right is the one that was made first, and beside that you can see the left over yarn...not much.

I only made the leg 3" this time, normally I make them 4"; but had I done that, there is no way that I'd have had enough yarn to finish the second sock. I just hope that the little girl who gets them will like them and find them funky looking.

The pattern I chose is the Butterfly Rib Socks, and they were super easy to make. The only problem, was that the pattern is designed for a woman's foot and since these are children's socks (the ones I made), the pattern didn't quite work out right in the back...I had 4 stitches of plain knitting in the back of the leg, and since it's in the back it won't be noticeable (or make too much difference I don't think).

I rolled up a face cloth and stuck it in the leg of one of the socks so that you could see the pattern a little's supposed to look like a butterfly, hence the name of the pattern. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show it all that well. You might be able to click on the pic for a bigger view...that might help...maybe.
These are counting for my Socktopia April entry (under the butterfly category), my SAM3 entry, and my fourth item for 25 Things for Charity.
Well, just wanted to get this posted this afternoon. Back to more studying after a quick cat nap. Just came home from church not long ago and I'm feeling tired, so if I don't take a nap before studying, I won't be able to concentrate and will probably end up falling asleep anyway; so I'll nip it in the bud and have the nap first.
Happy knitting!


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

The little socks are great. I'm sure the little girl that gets these is going to be thrilled!

AlisonH said...

Those are cool socks!

Heidi said...

Those socks are great!

Karen said...

Very nice socks! I'm so glad you wear able to get the second pair out of the ball. Good luck on your tests this week!

Hasbu said...

Very funky socks. I'm sute the little girl will love them!

Charity said...

These are very cool socks, and I love the stitch pattern! :0)

Dipsy said...

I really, really love these socks, they look fantastic - the colors as well as the pattern, really beautiful!