Friday, April 13, 2007

SP Strikes Again!

She's done it again...I got more mail from my SP10 pal again today! Firstly, the other day I got another post card from her, and today here is what I received:

There is a little note on such pretty paper (I love the font she used too), as well as a diary/calendar from Simply Knitting. Each month is coordinated with a ball of yarn and on the front it tells you which month is which colour (too cool!). Inside there is a place to record family member's measurements to keep handy for when you knit for them; there is a page with lists of organizations accepting knitting (charities to knit for); a page with needle and crochet hook sizes with conversions; a page to record the needle and hook sizes you have; the calendar, and finally, some places you can order yarn from (in the UK). It's really cool!

Also, my wonderful SP included a CD that has step-by-step instructions (to listen to) for knitting a "secret" sock. Once you knit it up, then you will see the pattern! I'm excited to try this, and can't wait to see how the socks turn out! I think I'm going to use the sock yarn with aloe and jojoba that I had ordered from Mary Maxim not too long ago...I just hope the pattern looks good in it as it's striping yarn.

Thank you so much SP, you made my day!

In other knitting, the children's socks I've been working on in the previous post - I am afraid that I am going to run out of yarn! I don't have much left and I'm only a few rows into the gusset decreases...I really hope that the yarn will not run out because I have these planned as being my April entry in Socktopia. I'll knit as far as I can on them...then I don't know what to do, other than putting out the word for anyone who might have some of this yarn left over (I wouldn't need a whole lot really, I don't think). I don't think using other yarn with it will work...then it will be TOTALLY mismatched! But like I said, I'll knit as far on it as I can and maybe it will stretch out long enough for me to finish the sock...I hope.

Edited to add: I just came from checking my email a few minutes ago and my lovely SP has added to my spoil! She has purchased and sent me the pattern for Rogue! I've seen this pattern done up on other blogs and thought it looked wonderful. And now the pattern is mine! Thank you so much SP!


Emma said...

Great SP gifties!

Kelly said...

ohhhh that cd sounds exciting! Can't wait to see what it is!

Your Secret Pal 10 Friend said...

I am glad it got to you safe! More little things coming your way to keep you occupied until the HUGE HUGE HUGE package I've got going on for you! It's starting to look good - and I won't make you wait until the end of June - I'll send it by June 1st! I'm still working on it though - and I am sure you will love it. (Waiting for something I ordered for you to arrive in the mail!) There is something coming your way from your amazon wishlist - so don't buy yourself anything that is on there - okay???!!!!!

Shelley said...

Ohhh...I'm excited now (not that I wasn't before) and very curious as to what it will be! I am really loving this Secret Pal exchange!

I am so spoiled!!

HDW said...

OK so your secret pal rocks as hard as mine!!!! I am such a bad secret pal.....I have the box all made up and it has lots of goodies init....but life has thrown me soe major screw balls lately and our island post office has such odd hours that I can't seem to get it out.....hopefull tomorrow......the intention is there and I am sure she will understand in the end BUT..........I can't compete with my SP.....she is incredible!!!! I can't wait to see your secret that something she did herself....or is it something she got online? That is such a neat thing!!!!! You really need to get knitting so we can all see the secret sock!!! :) Hope al is wel!

monica said...

Wow! you do have a great secret pal, I am so happy for you. I will check my Opals but I don't think I have any of that, is that the yarn you won in Karen's contest?

Oh and I don't think it is really going to matter much in the big scheme of things, since the other knitters have so many more extras than me, but I should have 4 instead of 2 for extra on knittin mittens, I don't know if you have drawn a winner yet or not.

Hasbu said...

Wow! What a great Pal you've got!