Friday, November 17, 2006

My Prize and Latest FO

Today's mail was great! Normally I don't get much in the way of mail - bank statement, credit card statement, couple of catalogues - that sort of thing. But today was extra awesome mail. I got a craft catalogue that I get AND even better, I got the prize I won from Alisha's contest from Halloween. I posted about the contest on my blog, and she was going to pick a winner from those who posted about her contest - that is how I won. There was also a prize for the person who guessed how many pumpkin seeds were in her little dish.

There it is over to the right...isn't is so cute? She even personalized it with my name. Also in the package was a little snowman that you soak in water and it expands. I'm hoping my nephew will be up this weekend (he's nearly 3 1/2) and I think he would love to watch it grow. And look at that awesome card - it's a felted Santa! Don't think I have seen one like that before. It is so cute! Thanks so much Alisha!

I finished up a quite little item to put on the mitten tree at church this weekend (this might be the last weekend it's up so I want to get a couple of more small things made for it. If I find out that it will be up another week, then I'll make a couple more items for it.

The latest item I've finished knitting is the Pocketbook Slippers for Wee Ones. It was a quick knit, and only took a couple of hours to make the pair. Click on the link for the pattern. I used some acrylic yarn that I had around the house (probably Red Heart, but not totally sure and not sure of the colourway since the band has long been gone) and size 4.5 mm bamboo needles.

I will make these little slippers again - probably another pair before Sunday so I can add those to the mitten tree. Could probably get a pair done watching some TV tonight.

There is also a pattern available for these slippers in an adult size, but the link messed up on the sheet I printed out. I'll try to get it later though and post it if anyone is interested.
I saw these patterns on another blog, but I can't remember whose it was. If you know who posted the link for them (or if it is your blog), please let me know so I can link back to that blog as well.


Anonymous said...

You lucky lucky girl!! I never win anything, but there again you have to actually enter contests to win them right.....hence my problem :0 Cute slippers too....wonder if they stay on? My toe sucking monkey pulls everything off of his feet so he can....well suck his toes. Problem is we live in Maine and it is dang cold!!!! Have to try them and see!!!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Congratulations on winning the contest! Great prizes!!! : )

I love the tiny slippers. You're doing wonderful things for the mitten tree.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Your Pal in OK,


Alisha said...

Glad it found you safe and sound!!

I will have to do another contest soon.

Cute slippers!!

kittensmittens said...

"dip it in water and it expands"-stuff is awesome. your nephew is gonna love that. (I know it keeps me entertained for 48 seconds)
cute slippers.

Charity said...

Those are very cute slippers - I may have to make some for my youngest! What a cute prize you won - I love snowmen. :0)

Karen said...

Those are cute, but I can't figure out how they go on the feet. Where is the opening?

Kelly said...

super cute prize :)

Shelley said...

Karen, the opening is at the top...the little "handle" has openings on either side. That "handle" is the strap. The foot goes in one of those openings, which would be the heel area, and the other opening is across the top of the foot. I'll try to get a pic of it opened up so that it shows you better.

Rhonda said...

Oh I love those little slippers! I'm wondering about whether they stay on better then most. My littlest granddaughter takes her socks off to expose her feet also. Even socks I knit. She's funny, but we would like her to keep something on her feet. *smile*