Monday, November 13, 2006

Jumping On Board

Ok, I have finally jumped on board and bought the One Skein book
this afternoon - better late than never eh? I have found some projects that I am going to try soon. I have seen other knitters finished projects and have wanted to get this book for some time now. Let's hope I can do a good job ;o).

I also got the holiday issue of Vogue Knitting the other day and really like the scarf featured on the cover. I think that is one I'm going to try - looks kind of scary though (the process, not the actual scarf).

I also got the holiday issue of Knit Simple the same day as the Vogue magazine. I wanted to do a children's hat with the left over yarn from the mitten projects I've recently done. This issue has basic patterns to follow for sizes from premies to adult males, so I just chose one and started it Saturday evening. I worked on it briefly on Sunday and a little today. It's probably 1/3 done so far and when I get it completed, I will post a picture here for you to see. I wanted to finish up some black, so I decided to do the ribbing in that and the rest of the hat in one of the varrigated yarns I had...I ended up not using the mitten yarn, but one of the other part skeins I had. I didn't think the two skeins from the recent mitten projects would really work with the black since there was none in that yarn. Anyway, I'll show the picture when I get the hat done - which will hopefully be in the next few days or by the weekend at the latest.


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Oh, enjoy your One Skein book! Everyone I know that has that book really likes it.

Good luck on your scarf and the hat. : )

I hope you have lots of quality knitting time!

Karen said...

Can't wait to see it!!

Alisha said...

This one skien book has peeked my interest.

~mental note to self....check it out~

Charity said...

One Skein looks really interesting. I also like the look of One Skein Wonders, which is new, I think. Got to love those fast-knit projects! :0)

ruth said...

yea, i have the One Skein book too. when i finally knock down my WIPs to a reasonable number, i really want to cast on for one of their sock patterns. =)

Wen said...

Hiya, Shelly! Thanks for the comment... I had to rush over and check you out too! Praise the Lord to see another Christian woman blogging... and blogging about knitting no less! Woowoo!

I also want to snag the One Skein book when my budget allows! Can't wait to see what projects you choose.


Angela said...

Nice Blog:) Have only picked up Interweave Knits Christmas Mag. Haven't seen the others. Good luck with your scarf:)