Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quick Update (edited with pics)

I've edited this post to add pics of the scarf...

Just wanted to give a quick update on my knitting. I've been working on a couple of items for Project Spectrum - a pair of socks in the feathers and fan pattern I mentioned a couple of posts ago, as well as a scarf in a simple slip stitch pattern. For the scarf, I am using the yarn I dyed with the tropical punch Kool-Aid and in my opinion it is looking pretty good. It's a simple pattern so it is fast going!

I am also on the second sock of a children's pair that I will probably donate - unless my nephew sees them and wants them! I gave him his green pair the other day, unfortunately he was side tracked with a couple of new toys and didn't have any interest in them. As far as I know his parents haven't tried them on him yet...oh well at least he has them.

I'm hoping to get the children's sock done this week and I'll post a pic when I can. The feather and fan ones are going slow because I'm using smaller needles so there's more work to it. I'm trudging along though and finding the pattern great so far!

I'm on March Break and although it is technically a "break", it's not one of those all fun and games kind. I have three papers due the week I go back, one on Monday, one on Wednesday, and one on Thursday. So, I need to spend a lot of time on those but I know I'll definately be taking knitting breaks! It should be noted however, that I have been taking time to knit...a little too much I think LOL.

Anyway, here is a pic of my finished Tropical Punch Scarf to the right. I put it on a white background hoping that the colour would look pretty accurate, and it does, though it looks just a tad redder in the pic.

I also thought I'd throw in a close up shot of the pattern I used for it. Yeah, I know the pic isn't very focused, please forgive me for that. The other one on the right is a little more focused, but the colour is so not accurate at all. It also looks like I have a big band of garter stitch there in the middle of the pic, but it is just the way I was positioned to take the pic.

The pattern is very easy as you can tell by clicking on the link above (and by looking at it). I'm pretty satisfied with the results, though next time I think I'll used a smaller needle for a tighter stitch. However, I should note that I used the larger size on purpose because I wanted this one to be a little more "delicate" than it would be with the smaller needles.

Pattern: drop stitch and garter scarf (Quick & Easy Scarf - link above)
Yarn: 1 skein of Pattons Classic Wool, Merino, dyed with Tropical Punch Kool-Aid
Needles: 5 mm bamboo
Difficulty Level: Very easy
Modifications: I used a different type of yarn and I cast on 20 stitches instead of 10 but I kept the pattern the same otherwise.

Happy knitting!


Rhonda said...

We need to be "selfish" knitters once in awhile and knit for ourselves. For many years I mostly made gifts ... crocheted, cross-stitched or knitted for others. This year I decided to turn-over a new leaf for at least a couple of months. :)

I'll have a picture of the scarf soon ... then I'm knitting a cardigan to go along with it using the same yarn. For me! Even if it's just socks. I love my own socks! Happy knitting, Shelley.

Rachel said...

Aw, sorry your nephew was distracted by toys. I'm sure he'll get lots of wear out of the socks, and they'll keep his feet snug and toasty.

Looking forward to seeing your other current projects!

Tina in Wonderland said...

I can't wait to see the scarf you're doing with the Kool-aid dyed yarn!

I hope you can get your papers done in time to be able to enjoy some of your Spring break. Maybe you can take at least one day to just sit back, knit, relax, and do something fun! Next week is our Homeschool Spring break, and I am gonna take one day to veg out in my PJs all day, watch some movies, eat a bunch of chocolate, and do nothing really important! LOL

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Have a wonderful and restful break, Shelley. I hope the papers flow easily and that you get lots of knitting and relaxation time.

Your Friend,


Shelley said...

I am definately taking time out to knit...a little too much I think LOL. However, I am hoping at least 2 of the papers should flow smoothly as they are subjects I am interested in. The other one is going to be more difficult for me I think and I know I'll end up with more grey hair after doing it...then maybe I should treat myself to a dye job (but not with kool-aid LOL)...

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Oh, I love the yarn color and the scarf! You have really been busy.

Enjoy your week and I'll be praying that your papers are completed with ease.


Wonderland Knitter said...

The scarf is so pretty! And I love that it's dyed with Kool-ade! Good Job!

kittensmittens said...

the scarf is very pretty.
and i'm sure once your nephew gets a hold of those socks, he's gonna love 'em.

Sharon said...

You are a very busy girl by the sounds of it. Love the scarf, that stitch is looking good. Glad you are enjoying the feather and fan, yes it is tedious but at least the pattern is only 4 rows and 3 of those straight knitting or purl.

Cynthia said...


I love your scarf - you are doing quite the balancing act! The kool-aid dyes always blow my mind because the colours turn out so well. Thanks for checking out my blog and for your kind comments.

I will have to keep checking in to see what else red (or maybe pink) you are coming up with. Good luck with the papers!

Catherine Kerth said...

oh i love your t.punch scarf! the drop garter stitch really sets it off! good luck on the socks ;) can't wait to see more! your very talented! good eye for clors:)

Maggie Ann said...

Pretty color and pattern Shelley, I am impressed with your nice to turn out one beautiful thing after another. Am I jealous...just a little maybe? Blessings to you.