Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mitred Square Sock Yarn Blanket

The very beginning of my blanket
I finally jumped on the bandwagon of knitting a mitred square sock yarn blanket!  As this post is being written (Friday afternoon), I have my first square completed (see below)!

In my head, I had imagined these squares being much bigger than mine turned out, but that could be because any photos I've seen of these squares and blankets were close up with nothing to help determine the size.  I don't know if I'll continue with this size (I likely will) or if I'll go up a size or two with my needles to get bigger squares.  I suppose I could make a few larger ones to add in here and there.

First completed square
Offhand, I'm not totally sure what the needle size is that I'm using. It could be a 2.5 mm or 2.75 mm, which is what I was using for some socks some time back (no, I didn't get the sock finished and I am not sure what pattern I was using).

The yarn I used in the first square is Knit Picks Crayon.  I was able to look back on Ravelry to my projects and found the socks I had made with this yarn.  I have enough left over that I can get at least one, maybe two more squares from this yarn.

I likely won't be posting pictures of every single square I knit for this, but when I get several or start to sew them together into the blanket, I'll post pics that way.  Then you (and I) can see just how this blanket grows.

This should be a project that I can take with me and knit on the go when waiting at doctor's offices, and what not.  The only thing I need, now, is a pretty project bag to keep it in ;) !

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