Sunday, October 04, 2015

Two Weeks Along

First six squares
My knitting, for the past two weeks, has been consumed with working on the mitred square sock yarn blanket.

And that's perfectly fine with me!

I am really enjoying working on this project, even though I am very aware that it is a long term knit. It will likely take a few years to complete.  Right now I'm using what sock yarn I have, and I'll be totally honest here - I've also gone out and purchased a few more balls of sock yarn!
After joining sets of three
I am repeating yarns already since I don't have a lot of sock yarn. I'm totally OK with this, however, I don't want them all to be in the same section of the blanket.  I'd like to get other yarns to add and use the yarn I currently have later on as well so that they are mixed up in the blanket.

Jumbled up. More current
photo of the squares
That's why it will take a few years to complete, I think.  It will depend on the sock yarn I get, or if I trade with others at some point so that I have different yarn to use.  At any rate, I am OK with using what I have now for another row or two.

I am finding, as others I've read about, that this project is a little difficult to get a good photograph of the size of the blanket. I'm almost completed with the second (or is it third - I can't tell) row of my blanket.  I have about three squares to add and then I'll be finished that row.

For those wanting to attempt this project but are afraid to because it looks difficult to make - it's not! I was a little afraid at first that this might be a difficult project, but it is very easy.  Go ahead and try; just be aware that it is a long term project and unless you have an unlimited ton of sock yarn in your stash, it will likely take a long while to make.  Also, my squares are small, but you can make larger ones as well, and that would help complete the blanket quicker.

Well, I should get back at it. I'd like to complete this row today, and maybe start into the next one.

Happy knitting!

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