Thursday, September 17, 2015

Two New Spindles

New drop spindle
Not long ago I ordered a drop spindle.  I had a student one (I think it's Ashford. I don't have it beside me at the moment, though) that I got when I first learned to spin.  I wanted another spindle so that I could spin two rovings to ply together.

Drop spindle with sample fibre
I came across the Green Forest Fibers Etsy site and they had this gorgeous spindle for sale (I don't see any more listed on their site, but maybe if you wanted one and contacted them they could make it for you).  I loved the way it looked - smooth, polished, pretty green stone whorl. Simply gorgeous!

I placed my order, and then waited and waited. I contacted the company but didn't receive any reply.  I waited a few more days and contacted them again.  Still nothing.  I began to wonder if I wasn't going to receive my order.  Then, I heard from them. They had been through an unfortunate circumstance beyond their control.  My order was shipped the next day, and I received it about a week later.  The owner felt bad about the situation and included four sample rovings (one brown, two cream, one purple) for me.  In the second picture, above, I am spinning the brown fibre.  I'm not sure what it is, but the white hairs may be angora rabbit.

I LOVE this spindle! I am spinning the finest yarn I've spun to date, which is something I had wanted to do. When using the student spindle I have, my spinning was getting better, but it wasn't this fine.
Spindle from KS Inspirations

During the time I was waiting to hear back from Green Forest Fibers, and thinking I might no get my order, I placed another order for a different drop spindle from KS Inspirations (another Etsy shop).  This spindle is also awesome!

This spindle also allows me to spin a fine yarn, but might not be quite as fine as the one above.  That might also be because of the type of fibre I'm using as well, but I don't know for sure.

Anyway, this spindle has a purple jasper whorl and an oak shaft. It spins well, though I find when the spin is slowing down it begins to wobble (the other one does this a little as well).  I don't know if that is normal or if I'm not doing something right. However, the wobble doesn't affect the spinning.

Both of these Etsy shops shipped their product in a timely manner.  I would definitely order from these shops again!

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