Monday, August 30, 2010

Second One Done

Got the second baby/toddler sock finished a short while ago, so I thought I'd get the photo posted while I had the opportunity. The picture's not the greatest, but I was just getting a quick shot of the socks.

These will go in my bin of items for the mitten tree at church this Christmas. I don't have much in there right now, so I'll have to get cracking and work on some mittens, more socks, hats, etc. I've got a baby hat in the works (need to find my matching DPNs to finish it off), and a couple of scarves on the needles, though one of the scarves will probably be mine. Sadly, I lost my scarf somewhere when I was teaching this past winter (late in the season), so I'll probably keep one of them for myself - unless I actually get another one finished for myself.

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