Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am still here, believe it or not!  It has been far too long since I've posted to the ol' knitting blog.  I had meant to while in Australia (read about my adventures here, though you'll have to scroll back), but sadly, I never got around to it.
Actually, I haven't been doing much knitting.  I did do some while in Australia, though.  I bought some needles and yarn while there (I'll try to take a photo of the yarn for the next post), as well as a couple of knitting magazines. 
I completed a drop stitch scarf, done mostly from arriving at the school early and needing to wait for my host teacher to arrive and unlock the classroom for the day to begin.  I would sit in the teacher's lounge (no kids allowed in there), beside the heater (it was cold let me tell you), and with a coffee to sip.  I would work on the scarf and the teachers coming and going would always comment on it.   They'd either admire the scarf, the colours, or comment on me knitting (never anything bad or rude though).  Once I finished that, I started a pair of socks...which I should pull out and continue working on.  I will also take a photo of those very soon.  I don't have a whole lot done on them though.  The yarn is in shades of purple, and is one with a self striping type of pattern.  I also started another drop stitch sarf (mindless knitting) that I worked on some while I was in Australia.  I had bought some cheap rosewood needles (I think that's the type of wood), and sadly when we had been taken on a long excursion, I was getting back into the car and my knitting slid behind me as I was sitting down and I snapped the end off.  Thankfully it's not the pointed end, so I just have to wrap an elastic or something similar around the end to keep the yarn from falling off.  I'll also post a pic of that WIP soon.
The second image shows you the scarf; I had to use the flash though, so it's a little brighter than the actual yarn.  I also need to sew in some ends on it still.  The yarn was a mohair/acrylic blend, and it was Australian made.  I'll have to see if I can find the band with the details.  I may also block it (more than likely, esp. to get more length), and either gift it for a friend at Christmas, or put it on/under the mitten tree at church.
I also have been more into photography lately, particularly since purchasing Photoshop Elements 7 last week.  I've started a photography blog to show some of my pics.  I'm still quite new to photography, particularly digital photography, so my shots might not be the best; I am learning though.  Also, I am just learning PSE so I don't know how to use it to its full advantage yet, so the photo editing might not be the best either.  Anyway, feel free to check it out and leave a comment there.  It's called Shutterbug, and you can find it here.
Well, going to head off and possibly work on some knitting (a scarf that I had started before going to Australia).  This one also might be for a Christmas gift, so I'd like to at least get it closer to being finished.  Happy knitting!

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