Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Hat

Please forgive the terrible photos of this hat.  I had to use the flash.  The colour is much darker and richer than it appears in this photo.  I also don't  have anything to model the hat on, so I laid it flat in the first picture, and put it around a tin can of almonds in the second.

The pattern I used was the Sunday Dulaan Cupcake Recipe (Ravelry link).  It's supposed to be made with a bulky yarn, but I only used worsted weight.  I used Lamb's Pride (85% wool, 15% mohair) in the royal Purple Flutter colourway.  I got this yarn either last fall or this past spring. 

I'd say this hat (at least with the size of yarn I used) would fit a baby/small toddler.  Also, I don't think it's supposed to have the little pointy stem at the top, but that's the way mine turned out.  The pics with the pattern show a flatter top; I'd say I didn't do the decreased exactly the way I was supposed to.  Oh well.

This was a quick and easy knit and I have enough yarn left over to make another couple of hats or maybe a pair of mittens to go with the hat.  I might use it to make a different baby/toddler/small child hat.

Not sure what I'll work on next.  I'm still working (now and then) on a scarf, but I want to make more children's items for the mitten tree at church at Christmas.  This hat will be added to the few items I have already.  I think I should probably make a couple of pairs of mittens as well.  We'll see what I get done between now and then.  I still have a couple of months, but the way I've been going with my knitting lately, I might not get much more done.  That's why I am concentrating on small items - to get them done quickly so I'll have something to donate this year.  Every little bit helps!

I forgot to take a photo of a second Tubey scarf I had made prior to going to Australia.  I need to weave to sew the ends closed on that one yet, but other than that it's all done.  I just made it out of some old acrylic I had lying around and wanted to use up.  It's bright and colourful, so hopefully some child will like it.  I'll try to get a photo of that sometime soon to share.

Until then, happy kniting!

P.S. Check out the photos I've been taking over on my photography blog, Shutterbug.  Would love to hear your comments!


mudmaven said...

I love this hat! I think the little point is very cute. ~chris

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Ohhhh, it's really cute. I like the point also. Very nice.